Things to Consider When Choosing Triple Play Bundles

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The demand for Triple Play bundles – the inclusion of TV/ Video-on-Demand/ high-speed broadband internet and telephony – is growing at a rapid pace when it comes to entertainment. Most cable companies offer Triple Play bundles; more companies and telecoms plan to introduce Triple Play services in the near future.

Using Triple Play bundles over a la carte services isn’t just a simple decision for service providers of choosing a mode of operation that results in more revenue; such bundles allow for pricing that benefits companies and their customers in other ways. Also, such combined packages can provide customers a better overall experience with the services included inside the bundle.

Apart from the advantage of better pricing, Triple Play bundles also offer the following benefits:

Potential Advantages

Simple to administer

You can cobble a number of services together from different service providers, but then you forgo the benefits of choosing a single service provider – a major one being fewer headaches. When you have issues with cable TV, telephone, or internet, every minute you spend on administration is a minute wasted that could have been utilized for other productive activities such as work or business.

This means you don’t have to wear multiple hats or call multiple service providers – there are quantifiable benefits of streamlining your administrative activities. Moreover, it’s more efficient when you’re enjoying a relationship with a single company: it is easier to manage billing, and less overall complexity.


It’s not just the simple administration you want to consider; your additional demands need to be taken into account too. At various instances, as your household consumption grows, or you welcome more members into the family, you may want to extend your Triple Play bundle with new services, greater bandwidth, or more channels.

The more service providers you deal with, the more daunting it can be to expand and upgrade. The right service provider will help you scale TV channels, internet speed and telephone bandwidth without putting unnecessary obstacles in your path.

Faster set up

Slow implementation speed is one of the bottlenecks that can have a negative impact on your entertainment service experience. The more time you have to spend scoping out and scrutinizing services from different providers, the longer it will take to set up a service.

By choosing Triple Play, you only deal with one provider – everything is simple, and you often gain convenience to upgrade or request changes at any time.

Meanwhile some of the benefits may not be benefits or you could end up with some disadvantages too that you should consider, these include:

Potential Disadvantages

Who Uses a Telephone?

Often the best bundling rates include Telephone, Internet, Video, but Telephone by itself is fairly expensive and if you are like me who don’t have a home phone and don’t really want or need a land line, then this cost negates some of the benefit of the bundle as you are getting something you didn’t really need or want so the benefits of the bundle aren’t as clear.


Be careful there often is a contract annual or 2 year involved to get the best rates in a bundle, and if you wind up in a contract you can pay some pretty expensive fee’s to break your contract early if you are unhappy.  Sometimes the best name in one offering isn’t the best in another offering as well, so always read the fine print and know if you can get out of it and switch if you are unhappy.

Time Limited Offers

This happens with any new service but also with bundles, you will pay a great low monthly rate for your first year or 6 months and then it can skyrocket, ask what your normal monthly bill will be after the promotional plan ends and see if it still is something that fits your budget.

Top Triple Play service providers

The following companies offer the best Triple Play bundled services in the market:

AT&T:the company offers Triple Play and Triple Services packages alongside its U-verse bundles, which allows consumers to take advantage of premium services. Further, promo codes still exist for AT&T U-verse bundles and Triple Play services.

Verizon: Verizon offers Triple Play bundles along with a free VISA gift card which further reduces the price of the entire package. The bundle includes FiOS internet, which is the most advanced technology available, while promotions make FiOS phone, internet, and TV less expensive.

XFINITY Triple Play from Comcast: This bundle is one of the fastest ways to fulfill all your entertainment needs. You get video-on-demand, free WiFi home devices and best call clarity from XFINITY Voice technology.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.