Thync Energy Vibe Testing and Review

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I wanted to make sure that I tried the Thync unit at least 5-10 times consistently before I was able to give an accurate review. Thync is a product that claims it can give you either greater assistance sleeping with the Calm Vibe Strips, or more Energy with the Energy Vibe Strips.  It has the device which is white and triangular connect with more your mobile app where you can control the amount of power gets delivered.

Unboxing Thync

In the box you get the white triangular Thync unit and the manual on how to use the 2 types of strips (Calm or Energy).  The unit has a MicroUSB port where you charge it and a single button on the top to turn it on where your Thync app will immediately detect it when you turn it on.

I received a pack of both Energy Strips and Calm strips with it for the review.


 I never have trouble falling asleep, but am someone who always suffers from feeling fatigued and tired.  This is especially true after about 1pm where I tend to have a really tough crash of fatigue and struggle to stay alert often using coffee to keep my energy up.  Having a big lunch can cause more of a fatigue feeling and when I talked to my contact over at Vibe he specifically said that if you have post-lunch fatigue from a big heavy meal this is something good to test Thync with energy module with.

So that is what I did for my first test, I ate a huge Rigatoni with Meatball lunch leftovers and within 30 minutes started getting very sleepy, so I setup my Thync and tore off a fresh Energy Vibe and attached it to my head.  They have a guided video showing you how to place it properly on your head, and the key is that it goes above your right eye brow flat against the forehead with a slight tilt.  The strip goes over your head behind the ear and attaches to the part above your neck behind your ear.

You place the Thync Unit over the Energy (or Calm) strip and snap it into place on the strip via the 2 snapping points.


Both the program and I suggest you use a mirror to experiment with the placement of the unit before you actually start wasting the adhesiveness on a strip.  This helps you see how the unit should stay on the forehead before you start using the adhesive on the strip which have a limited number of uses.  When you first pair your Thync unit you get to name it.

sam_1482 sam_1484 sam_1485 sam_1486

Placement of the Thync unit took some practice and even with a mirror you may think it is seated right but may not be.  They have a live support in the app itself so they can look and confirm if your unit is properly placed on your head if you don’t know if you have it setup right.sam_1487

The app guides you through it all and also it detects if the Thync unit is not properly placed.  It won’t display the play button and any way to move forward when you are ready to start your first Welcome Energy unless it is making proper connection from the placement on head and behind the ear for the strip which is a nice touch so you don’t waste time having it placed wrong.

My first Energy Vibe Captured using Thync

So my first Vibe was weird with Thync, and as I mentioned it kind of felt like a TENS unit but not really as it didn’t cause muscle contraction and release like a TENS unit.  It felt more like a pulsing rolling itch/tingling than the TENS type of muscle contraction but that is the closest feeling I could describe it as being.

So I used it every day for 6 days and then gave an update on my experience.

Now, I continued to use it off and on when I remembered over 3 months, not every day but at least 1x per week.  I can honestly say that that I was told a few times the placement wasn’t right so I had to make some adjustments and start over.  The slight variation in how it angles over the brow is very important.  Did it work?  Again I wasn’t using the resting vibes as I never have trouble falling asleep and wouldn’t notice if they helped or not as I pretty much pass out when my head hits a pillow and I stop moving anyway.  The Energy vibes didn’t give me energy per se, instead they caused a tingling and sometimes borderline painful sensation when the setting was too high, this vibrating sensation when combined with doing activity is enough that it helps I would say with “boredom fatigue” where you are doing something repetitive and get tired from being complacent and sitting too long.  I did find that if I used it while on a conference call or while doing some stimulating activity it seemed to be more effective, but in general once the unit finished it’s course within 10 minutes I was back to being tired again.

It distracts you enough while it is running, but I can’t say I effectively noticed that it worked for any significant period of time after the session ended.  Not any more benefit than say blasting rock music, taking a power nap or other jolting type of stimulation can’t provide to help temporarily offset a tired and fatigued body and mind.  I was hoping for a magic bullet as I do get very tired, but my fatigue also comes from winding down off of coffee and it could be this device just can’t stimulate enough to compensate from a coffee withdrawal.

One thing I can say is the adhesiveness of the pads diminishes very quickly, doubly so if you don’t wash and clean your skin.  I have oily skin naturally and my skin oils ruin the sticky pads after 2 uses if I don’t wash my skin with a drying soap, like one where your skin is squeaky after washing it.  Even then the pads were maybe 5-6 uses before they wouldn’t stay affixed well enough to hold the Thync unit in place.  Particularly the part that goes behind the ear tends to lose it’s stickiness first then the forehead component.

The device does charge quickly and I liked the various routines, the setting levels are very adjustable and I found that I used it more for like meditation type of purposes than it giving me energy.  I trained my body to where when I put it on and activated it, I was focused on a single task at a time and the tingling sensation did help me focus more clearly, though whether this was placebo or merely training myself to respond to the sensation this way rather than the device actual providing that benefit I couldn’t say for certain.

Would I recommend it?  Sure, if you don’t want to use stimulation methods like Caffeine, Energy Drinks and other chemicals to give you a boost of energy, then trying something like this is definitely a healthier alternative route than stimulants.  Does it work for everyone?  I can’t tell for certain, I am a special case however as I can tell you I have crushing bouts of fatigue that not even 64oz of coffee and 500mg of caffeine can pull me up from sometimes so this wasn’t a miracle cure for my fatigue, it did help provide some mental focus and clarity and stimulate me long enough so I was able to adjust my habit to where I was less tired.  Again, it really worked for “boredom fatigue” but not sure it would work if you are fatigued from sleep deprivation or coming off of coffee or another stimulant.

I would rate it 3.5 stars because I noticed some benefit, but the adhesiveness degradation of the pads would cause you to spend more money in replacement pads faster.  I wasn’t able to really review it for sleep, so you may want to try it if you want to help soothe yourself to sleep, this I can see benefit because again the app works like a meditation session with stimulation to your nerves, so this I think could be helpful there.

If any of my readers have used the Thync share your experience with it, good, bad or even just didn’t notice anything.  I want to hear from you!  Of course Thync now has a new edition called Relax Pro which has the unit sit at the back of your neck instead of on your forehead and the new unit doesn’t appear to be designed for energy. I have no experience with the new unit at this time.  This unit is no longer available directly from Thync but they will continue to sell replacement pads until end of year.  So I am including the link to check out the Thync Relax Pro if you are interested in the relax version of this unit.  I don’t see an energy equivalent version of this unit anymore.

Disclaimer:  Thync sent me the unit so I could do a thorough and accurate review.  This review was done over several months with the unit being used over a dozen times to make sure the review was as accurate as possible.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.