Time to Tee Off: PGA Tour 2K21 Review

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It has been quite a while since a major game publisher and developer has put out a golf game and this time 2K has decided to partner up with well-known golf series, The Golf Club for PGA Tour 2K21. I was provided an early review copy of the game by 2K for my Xbox One X and for the past two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of seeing exactly all that PGA Tour 2K21 has to offer. From the in-depth PGA Tour Career to Online Societies and even creating my own customized golfer. The creation suite in PGA Tour 2K21 does a fantastic job of providing you with a ton of options to give your golfer a very unique look. What I did find a bit odd is there isn’t an option to do a face scan so that you can put your actual face into the game as seen in games such as NBA 2K. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that there are a lot of built-in options so that you can give your MyPlayer the look you want from facial features, hair color as well as which hand you use to swing with. You’ll be able to unlock even more customization options by leveling up your overall level in the game as well as beating Rivals in the PGA Tour mode which serves are your MyCareer mode. You’ll also be able to unlock various brands of different clubs to put in your own personalized golf bag.

Once you’re finished creating your MyPlayer, you can get right into the PGA Tour where you can either head right into the actual Tour itself or start out by working your way up to the PGA Tour and earning your Tour card by first playing in the Q-School which then leads you into the Korn Ferry Tour. While in the Korn Ferry Tour if you can win three events you will earn your Tour card and join the PGA Tour. Once on the tour, this is when a Rivalry will start. Your first rival will be Cameron Champ and you will be given a series of objectives to compete against your rival for your next event. Once you complete all of your objectives you will unlock more customization options and then move on to your next Rival with there being 12 rivals in total. You’re also able to select various sponsors such as Adidas, Bridgestone Golf, Callaway and more which will have objectives for you to complete and by doing so you’ll earn sponsor points which goes toward leveling up your relationship with that sponsor and allowing you to unlock sponsor-related items for your MyPlayer. Another small detail that I really appreciate about the PGA Tour mode is sometimes while either before or after taking your shot, you are greeted with being shown a clip of a previous shot from your rival or a shot from another competitor which really gives this game that authentic broadcast feel.

The main PGA Tour mode screen from which you’ll be managing your sponsors, rivalries, and more.

PGA Tour 2K21 does an excellent job of teaching you the basics of the game as soon as you start. You will be given an optional tutorial to show you all the important tips and controls that you will need to know in order to be one of the best in the game. I found the controls very similar to that of last year’s The Golf Club 2019 and for those who might be familiar with other golf games in the past, you’ll find yourself being able to easily get right back in the saddle while playing this game. The preferred way of taking a shot in the game is by way of the analog sticks and you are given the option to use either the left or right stick. The swing stick allows you to take shots at various angles and taking the perfect shot is as easy as pulling back and forth straight on the analog stick of which you will be shown just how good of a job you did of keeping your shot straight. Putting is also another thing that will be familiar to Golf Club players as you’ll be given the ability to see a grid and read the green with various lines showing wind direction and speed depending on how fast the lines are moving. While playing PGA Tour mode you are given the ability to use a putt preview which does show you where your shot has the potential to go, but don’t let it fool you, you still have to be able to time your shot and make sure you’re giving it enough power.

Courses look simply amazing in this game and are based on their real-life counterparts. So you’ll be able to enjoy a few rounds of golf on courses such as TPC Sawgrass, Riviera Country Club, and Monte Cervino just to name a few. The courses in the game are simply stunning and with the Course Designer, you have so many options at your fingertips when it comes to making the type of course that you want to challenge yourself or your friends on. Want to play a course with a ton of sand? You can here or you can even make your holes look like islands by being able to shape the water surrounding your course. The layout of the holes is randomly generated for you, but you are able to edit the layout of the holes and also add in new ones as well as adding various forms of water and sand traps as well as trees or any other obstacles you wish to put in to make your course that much more difficult. When you’re finished perfecting your course, take it online by uploading it for others to play or even invite your friends for a tournament.

A look at one of the many Online Societies in the game which gives you various options for you and your members.

Speaking of friends, PGA Tour 2K21 also has what they call Societies. Online Societies are essentially a virtual Golf Club that you can either create your own and invite your friends or you can join someone’s Society. Societies are where you can find many other players and be able to participate in various tournaments and each Society has it’s own leaderboard. Customization options for Societies give you complete control as President of your created Society by being able to set difficulty restrictions, put your own earned in-game money into the Society which can be used as part of the purse towards any events you wish to run as well as being able to create your Society emblem and name. You can also set a schedule for your Society by being able to create custom events and have a calendar of dates for other members of your Society to enter if they wish.

For those looking for a golf game that takes what Golf Club did and is made even better by a sports developer you can trust in 2K, I recommend looking no further with PGA Tour 2K21. With a deep PGA Tour mode, Online Societies, and being able to spend hundreds of hours creating the perfect course that you’ve dreamed of, PGA 2K21 has something to offer any avid golfer.  PGA Tour 2K21 is available now, on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC Steam and in September for the Nintendo Switch.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.