Tips to Help You Design Appealing Landing Pages

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As a web designer or a graphic artist, your work does not simply imply creating quality designs that will look enticing, you are also burdened with the task of creating the designs in a way that will also help take the conversion rates notches higher. Therefore, you need to be familiar with all design styles including landing pages, which hold far more importance for your clients than you may think. Essentially, a landing page needs to positively be very powerful so as to attract a glut of visitors that come across your website. This will help increase conversion rates. You will be surprised by the massive role that design plays when making a landing page that aims at creating an impact and influencing audiences. as a web designer, you are required to understand the important elements that can help you in designing just the right landing page that will guide the visitors into taking their next few steps. Given below are some important tips and tricks that professionals swear by especially when designing a landing page.

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Images are very powerful

Usually, when visitors are pressed for time, they are likely to skip the text and simply skim through the images that are present on the website. Therefore, your graphic representation of the landing page in terms of the design should be extremely relevant and must speak volumes about what the landing page is trying to say. You need to realize that when designing a landing page, all design elements must relate to the subject on which the landing page is based. As a rule of thumb, using captivating images is the key to attracting a visitor’s attention that has no time to read the copy. Therefore, using superior quality photography is an absolute must. You can even consider designing your own image using advanced photo editing software applications to make it look personalized.

Understand the needs of the audience

This is the step where you need to communicate thoroughly with your client to understand exactly the needs of the audience that is likely to visit the website. Ideally, it is the client who would have already conducted an in depth research on his market area and will be in a better position to offer you the information that you need. Based on this, you may have to come up with interesting ideas to put together for the landing page. Creating a separate section only catering to satisfied customer testimonials or designing social media buttons to link to the client’s specific social media profiles may be required.

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The heading makes an immensely powerful impact

Needless to say, it is the heading that is read by the visitors as the page loads and therefore, you need to make sure that you put in some extra effort when it comes to designing the heading of the landing page. Using alluring typography is essential; however, it is also important that you understand as to where you must draw a line. Besides, you must also ensure that the design for the heading area is clean and not overpowered by graphics, bold colors and other such elements that will lead to disturbance when the visitor is skimming through the information.


Call to action

This is the last, yet, the most important section to consider when designing a landing page simply because in the absence of one, you will cause an immense amount of confusion to the visitors as they will not know what to do next. If you are designing download buttons, you must ensure that they match the overall theme of the landing page and are big enough for the visitors to see. Besides, the positioning of the button is important and must ideally be placed in the top half of the screen so that the visitors do not have to scroll all the way down.

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Gail Port is a graphic artist and was also involved in web designing for most of her career. She is familiar with almost all design elements and enjoys working on a freelance basis. She is also professionally trained in accounting and enjoys watching movies in her spare time.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.