Tocode Water Resistant USB Charging Backpack Review

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Whether you need a backpack for school or for getting around your town, it’s hard to find one that can give you everything you need. The Tocode backpack has space for all of your tech devices along with anything you need for school or work. It’s a slim backpack, so if you need a lot of thick gear, it might not be the right pick, but if you simply need to get your electronics, books, and pens from one place to another, it’s great.

Charging on the go

The best part of this backpack is the USB charger on the outside so you can charge on the go. You’ll need a portable rechargeable battery, which has its own designated pocket. From there, you can just plug your charger into the outside port and charge any USB device. I tested this out while playing a little PokemonGo around my city, and it worked great. The charging speed depends on your portable battery that you use.

Space inside the Tocode backpack

The Tocode backpack has specific pockets for up to a 15.6” laptop and a 9.7” tablet. It’s pretty spacious and could easily hold anything you need for school or work. The dimensions of the backpack overall are 13″L x 18″H x 6”W.
Inside the Tocode backpack


The Tocode backpack has a pocket for almost everything you need, which is why I love the design of this bag. There’s 9 different pockets with different sizes so you can keep everything in its own place. There is also a secret pocket that’s right against your lower back to keep your important items. There’s two small pockets on the arm straps, too. One that zips and could easily fit something like credit cards, and another pocket that could hold a pen or two. I also really liked that the carrying handle on top is thick and soft. Sometimes you carry your backpack that way for a bit, and most backpacks have a thin slice of material for a handle, which isn’t comfortable.

Safety and Water

This backpack is water resistant, which I tested by putting it under a running sink. The outside layer stayed dry. The part that stays on your back got a little wet, but it was barely at all. If you’re in an area that rains a lot, that’s something you want to consider. I’m in Denver, which rarely rains so I’m not too worried about waterproof gear, but that’s  something for you to consider.

Weight and Comfort

The Tocode backpack is incredibly light for a backpack. I do wish it had a clip in the front to attach the two shoulder straps for even more comfort, but that’s just a personal wish. Overall, the straps are soft and thick, and the material is soft. I wore this backpack for a few days while doing errands around Denver and didn’t notice any discomfort in the backpack itself. Obviously with heavier items inside, I felt the pull on my shoulders, but that’s with pretty much any backpack. It did rub against my right arm a bit, but I do have a smaller frame which could have lead to the rubbing.
Overall, this is a solid backpack that you can tell was made well. The material is soft, it fits really well, and the zippers will stay on for a long time. I remember years of backpack use and having to replace the zipper pull because it eventually pops off, but the zipper pull and the zipper itself seems to be built strong.
I received this product at a discount for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it.  All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own..

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.