Unique Strategies for Effective Social Media Marketing Using Facebook

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Facebook doesn’t need an introduction or description anymore. It is the birthplace of social media marketing. But, the most significant point to note about Facebook is that it hasn’t lost its relevance even with the rise of many other social media platforms including those which focus specifically on business. The marketers now have a lot to tap from Facebook regarding business promotions on this platform with many more benefits than other social platforms.

Some significant advantages of Facebook marketing

  • Access to advanced analytics like Facebook insights
  • Option to run innovative user engagement campaigns like contests and surveys
  • Option to appoint individual page managers or admins.
  • As of late, Facebook offers business description tabs.
  • Offers and ads through Facebook

Leveraging the apparent benefits of the advantages mentioned above, marketers can ideally get much more results regarding leads and revenue. Further to it, there are some other unique strategies too the new-age marketers can try on FB, which we will discuss as below.

Most effective FB marketing techniques for 2017

  1. Leverage the free ad spaces to maximum

It’s exciting to see how the brands go the extra mile in creating and managing their business pages, but many of them do fail to optimize their presence for the best results. However, it is not difficult to achieve it with a focused, accurate, and SEO-friendly approach. To start with, a smart profile picture and the cover photo itself can do wonders.

For your business page, the profile picture can be your company logo, an image representing the unique identity of your business. Consider the cover photo as your free ad space which you can keep on changing whenever you want. It can be your ideal display board of your latest product releases, discounts, or seasonal offers. Some steps to follow as below:

  • Make a clear and simple description to define your business. It will be good to try and add a pinch of intelligent humor to add a welcoming warmth to it. Remember, you need to create a compelling value proposition for your audience to take their decision to follow. Can also try adding a call to action right away, which may sometimes be a bonus.
  • Try to choose a cooling and smoothening background. It may something related to your business or plan backgrounds which can adequately support your business theme.
  • You can customize the background words with tools like PicMonkey and Canva, which can be used by anyone even without technical knowledge.
  1. Try to attract more from your target group with quality info, humor, and fun facts

Another big thing for small businesses to try out on Facebook is to try and pull your target audience by resonating your messages well with the target audience. One can use the content exploration platforms as DrumUp etc. to search for the most relevant and trending social media topics for you and work on it. It is also ideal to try out engagement activities like Facebook quizzes etc.

The content you create should be ideally answering the questions the potential audience might want to ask. Ensure that all descriptions you make are addressing to them. It is ideal to throw some humorous, but relevant posts also in the mix to give your business an outlook of a funny by a reliable friend online.

  1. Encourage the target audience to talk about you

As we have seen above, good quality content requires proper research and a huge investment of time and effort. Content creation is also an expert job to make it relevant by keeping the target audience in mind. However, the good news for social media marketers is that you don’t have to create the entire content by your own. Social media is not actually about pushing your content continually even if those are optimally useful. Social media is more about devising an interactive two-way conversation by engaging your target audience appropriately. There are several approaches to do it efficiently on social media.

  • Always reply to the user content as comments or queries on time by prompting it to lead to a prospective conversation
  • Simply ask a question or talk about something which your audience wants to discuss at that time.
  • Try to create innovative conversational contests and commenting on the products and services you offer.

There are many approaches successful marketers try as:

  • Selfie with your product to win prizes.
  • Tell us your story contests.
  • Share it and win contests etc.

The whole focus is on encouraging user action in the factor of you by giving them an opportunity to express themselves. The content generated through these conversations exchanges is also excellent for content marketing. You can also use the tools like sentiment analysis to gauge the engagement level, and which types of responses need your emergency attention. With all these, you can ultimately succeed in making your followers think of you when they are ready to buy. 

Author bio: Jessica Ovens is a well-known web content strategist and online marketing specialist, working with some leading US Corporate.  She is also famous for her online Facebook quizzes conducted for her vast follower groups online.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.