TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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I get to play with some of the nicest sounding keyboards around.  Today I  take a look at the TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard . This keyboard comes fully equipped with Blue MX Switches. Now that is why I said nicest sounding, because if your a gamer like me you love them clicky keys. This Mechanical keyboard is a full 104 keys. It has several color patterns and it also had several preset gaming setup profiles saved on it. I will get more into this later. Now some people call this the ET board. This is due to the name on the box Easterntimes Tech. The model number on the box is 1-900.


Now I know that is not a great picture of the keyboard and well that is because I was showing you the box. Let me show you a photo of the keyboard it self.


As you can see it is a very bright and colorful keyboard. The keyboard has a metal base. My guess is aluminum tough it’s funny how they just say “metal material” in their description on Amazon.  The keyboard has a nice weight to it so it won’t just go sliding on your desk while pounding away at the keys. Unless you game rage quit and shove it that is. The cable is non-braided cable. It is about 6 feet long like most cords, so you can pretty much place it anywhere.

Check Out My Unboxing Here!

Key Style

Like I said the blue switches are very loud. You can hear them in the video I just posted. There are many style or keys from blue switches to brown and even red and black. Blue MX switches are the most clickiest of them all (as in provide the loudest audible feedback when typing on them). I know you can always add a rubber o ring which will quiet them down a bit if that is not your thing. The keys themselves have a 50 million keystroke life span.  You may get more then that. The keys are very easy to use and have a nice spring back feel. If you have never used a mechanical keyboard then I would suggest stopping in your local PC store or electronics store and see if they have some on display. You will see what a mechanical key feel like and sounds like and for most people you either love them or hate them. This keyboard also has what they call N-Key roll over. This mean you can press several keys at once with no conflict. I will post a picture of the keyboard with some key caps of so you can see the blue switch.


Just remember the order that you take the caps off so you can place them back on in order.

Color: Black
Key Quantity: 104
The Keyboard Size: 437*135.6*38.6mm
Working Voltage: 5.0V DC
Interface: USB interface
Mechanical Switch Type: Blue switches
Key Force:60g¡À15g
Key Stroke: 4.0¡À0.2mm
Key Lifespan: 50,000,000 times strokes

Package Included:
1×104-key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Cable
1x User Manual


As for typing on this keyboard it is pretty straight forward. The keys are very smooth so typing is easy. The one downside for me was the palm rest. This made the typing test difficult for me. I tried it several times and kept coming up around 40 words per minute. Now I type slow anyways so I’m sure you will score higher then me. I think it took me a few days to get use to how the keys set higher them most other boards I have used. I think it is a very good board for either typing or gaming.

Now I stated before there are many colors and patterns on this keyboard. The first of which is just a rainbow pattern. You can see some of the patterns in the video unboxing I did. The second is what I like to call Pacman. I know that is not the name but hey when you see a color being chased around the board until ate like the ghost on Pacman games. Another pattern is one where you press any key and it changes from no color to one single color for a few minutes. A few others are breathing effects and flash back and forth effects across the board. All very nice and stylish and look great allowing you to change up how this keyboard presents itself routinely. One thing I noticed is that you can not set the color you want to the keys to be yourself. It is all done by pre-set patterns.

For the set gaming patterns they have. I will post photos so you can see those. There are 9 patterns. I don’t have all 9 photo graphed because some are like the others and a couple are blank.





Like I said you can pretty much tell which pattern is for what style of game. The manual states one is for LOL game play.

Now there are media keys for playing music and volume control. You also have brightness control for the colored effect. So if it to bright you can turn them down some.

Final Thoughts! 

With many different mechanical keyboards coming on the market lately do I think the Tomoko mechanical gaming keyboard is worth the asking price? Well it gets several thing correct, from the MX Blue switches to the RGB background. You get a solid metal base that will last the lifetime of the keyboard. You get more color patterns and key lit profiles than most other brands. So the $75.99 isn’t to bad of an asking price by any means as I have seen mechanical keyboards cost $50+ more and have less color pattern options. Now a couple things I think I would have loved to see in this keyboard is an option to change the colors myself, being able to set which specific keys are the only ones that lit and build those custom lit profiles for my game would have been ideal. I would have also loved to see a software control center to change them colors. Even with those two issue I think it a great keyboard. Now the price like I said is $75.99 but would love to see it a little lower too to reach a larger audience but heck your getting a true mechanical gaming keyboard, not a hybrid one for that price.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.