Flymemo Hammer Bluetooth Earbud Review

I don’t mind reviewing dozens of earbuds as I like rotating them out to see which ones sound better, have longer battery life and are more comfortable to wear when jogging or running.  Though I am not back up to recovery to be able to run and jog yet I am still testing earbuds while walking at a brisk pace to see how they hold up with the bounding of your head or movement of your head from side to side, up and down.  This is my review of the Flymemo Hammer Bluetooth Earbuds which were sent to me a few weeks ago for review.

These headphones paired with a breeze to my iPhone 5S and I immediately went into Spotify and queued up my Custom High Energy playlist which has a range of songs that particularly hit the low frequencies and deep bass which most headphones have trouble with.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Flymemo Hammer earbuds handled songs by Daft Punk, Prodigy, The Glitch Mob and so many more, and while you didn’t feel the bass they didn’t get buzzy or distorted either at very high volumes. The lack of distortion and still hearing excellent clarity was a very positive experienc.  Listening to Shawn Mendez I Know What You Did Last summer was just amazing, how clear the vocals were, especially the duet piece toward the end and I can honestly say right off the bat these earbuds were very pleasant to listen to.

Now sound quality aside I did have some issues with the earbuds that would have me give caution, the first being that I had repeated intereference problems while walking and in motion.  When all is still and my phone is still, I am still there are no issues, but when walking or my arm moves back and forth in front of my iPhone 5s it seemed they were prone to interference and kept getting intermittent static while doing excessive walking with the earbuds.

Was told that they designed the earbuds more for Android and it may not happen with Android devices but the interference was clear, and it was noticeable with the microphone too.  My voice sounded distant and there was clear static when recording my voice for Voice Memo or when I called my friend to let him tell me how my voice sounded on the call.  Now, I unpaired and re-paired the device and had little change in how it sounded or handled interference or Microphone.

Listen to the Microphone Test with iPhone Voice Memo App

Finally the other thing about these earbuds is when you raise or lower the volume you have to press and hold down the Volume + or Volume – button for a period of time and the volume increases or decreases very incrementally, not quickly.  If you just press the button quickly then it will track skip, this prevents you from using the earbuds to rapidly decrease or increase the volume of the songs you are on and having to use your phone to rapidly make quick volume adjustments.  Not too much of a negative but just something of note here.

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