Vodool 4 Port USB Car Charger with Quick Charge Review

Fitting just about as much charging as you can in a single car outlet port, the Vodool USB car charger delivers in every way to keep your entire family’s gadgets charging on long car trips.  I will let the video review speak for the rest.

For those who don’t have time to watch the video, know that you are getting all the charge you need.  I had replaced my 2 port USB car charger with this one, and it works stupendously charging my iPhone 5S while charging my kids HTC One Remix and iPhone 5S. I usually have a Wireless headset I leave in my car charging on it all the time too when I need to talk hands free.

Now, this device supports the fast charging Quick Charge 2.0 which you can find in some of the latest Samsung Galaxy devices but I had no Quick Charge supporting devices so I couldn’t tell you how much faster the Reddish/Pink (Salmon) colored Quick Charge port charged in comparison to the standard green ports.  All ports charged devices and kept them charged however, so I had no issues with the product at all.   The light comes on the device indicating it is getting power from the outlet port, and my Mother in Law did notice after I gave her the charger that in her truck it stayed on even when the truck was shut off and she left.  This caused her some concern that it may alert or invite burglars, so she would unplug it rather than leave it plugged in all the time when she left her truck.  That would be the only caveat of the Vodool 4 Port USB charger that I can think of.


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