TONOR TC777 Condenser Mic Review with Boom Arm

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If you don’t want to drop $100 for a studio quality condenser mic then you seriously should consider the Tonor TC777.  I was sent this mic and boom arm to review by Tonor but I can tell you up front that it easily gets a recommend if you simply can’t drop $100 or more on a condenser mic yet you want something that sounds as good as possible for podcasting or live streaming.

The TC777 is a small tripod mounted desk mic that includes a windsock and pop filter in the box, some brands make you buy those separately so it is nice that they are included.

After opening up the box simply unpack and start the setup, one key thing to notice is that windsock is sized to only fit this Tonor mic and likely won’t work on any other mic, the tripod stand also has a gooseneck arm for attaching the pop filter.

At first the tripod seemed a little off kilter and not balanced until you adjust the legs properly.  As you can see in the video review it fell over at first, until adjusted right.

Overall though it is the right balance and this works if you are a podcaster who prefers your mic to be lower than your mouth and sitting low on the desk.  If you aren’t someone who likes talking down to your mic, then you may want the boom arm attachment which Tonor also sent us to include in this review.

The Boom Arm is a separate product from the TC777 however and both products combined still come to under the cost of a $100 condenser mic.

The Tonor scisser arm boom stand includes it’s own pop filter and windsock as well and has a more universal windsock that can work with most consdenser microphones.

The spring loaded arm is quite strong and snaps open very quickly and forcefully as you can see in the video later.

The thread screw on the boom arm is capable of supporting any standard mic and with the TC777 you have to install it with the shock mount itself as there is no screw thread directly on the bottom of the mic like some condenser mics.

You will find this mic is quite amazing at half the price of a Blue Yeti. So if you are on a budget and need a decent mic for less than $50 you have to check out this budget condenser mic from Tonor and see how it looks, sets up and more importantly how it sounds toward the end of the video.

Tonor TC777 Video Review

This thing simply won’t take up that much space on your desk. It is very compact in it’s small form factor which will allow you to easily transport it, move it out of your way, or store it. I don’t see you storing it, though! Everything you need to get going is already pre built into it. It comes with a built in shock mount, stand, and even a pop filter. This takes any guess work out of getting those things and setting them up. While those things in and of themselves aren’t very difficult, it’s awesome they included those things, already set up, and at the price point it’s at.

You don’t buy a mic in this price range and expect very much so after listening to the vocal capture quality directly.. you’ll notice something that might throw you off, this thing sounds GOOD. Not great, good. A very good ‘GOOD”. It doesn’t pick up background noise, keyboard clicks, or your girlfriend watching her dramas! It records/captures in clean and crisp fashion.

While you don’t necessarily need to expect it, and shouldn’t with the price, the addition of adjustable vocal capture patterns would have been a nice touch. Some people might aspire to use this mic in other fashions than recording or streaming and need the other patterns, while they might not be able to afford higher end mics with those features. Also, a gain control knob would be on par with some others in the price range. While it’s not a big deal, I have to knock off a few points for that one.

Tonor TC777 Condenser Mic


  • Small Form Factor
  • Ease of Use
  • Sound Quality


  • No Customization


Tonor TC777 Mic

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.