Top 3 Mobile Board Games for Three Players

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Remember playing board games in childhood and spending hours playing monopoly, carom, Ludo etc. We find ourselves lost now finding no chance to reunite with the friends and get a chance to play those board games again. Fortunately we’ve got lucky enough to experience the latest technology and now our childhood games have been revived.

The best thing about these mobile board games is that you can play online with your friends and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest. It doesn’t matter which mobile device you are using, it can be IOS or android. Mobile or Tablet, you can simply download the application and get started with all the fun.

Here are the Exciting Top 3 Mobile Board Games for Three Players

Ludo Star

The best mobile board game in my eyes was Ludo Star and it became popular in no time. Almost all of the board game lovers have played million times during their childhood period and missed it badly in their mobile phones. The players for this game can range from two, three and four. If you want to play on your own then you can play with random player in 2 or 4 player modules.

This application is integrated with Facebook and you can enjoy competing with your Facebook friends also. Other than Facebook friends you can share your table code and friends around you can join online. There are different variations of the game available like Classis, Master or Quick. You will come to know of differences between these variations when you play yourself. It is very convenient to connect and user friendly mobile game.


While playing Splendor, players need to collect chips and develop their cards. Players need to gain prestige points with the help of gem mines, means of transportation and shops. You can also acquire prestige if a noble visits but only when you enough wealth.

In classic mode, you can play between 2-4 players and it is one of the classic mobile board game for three players. Each player will have the turn one by one. The player acts as a merchant in this game and the main achievable goal is to reach fifteen prestige points. In order to gain prestige points, tokens representing precious stones available in 6 different ways, allows players to buy developments in the shape of cards. The cards cost in form of tokens and as the game proceeds, further developments costs less tokens.

Player can either by the help of developments or match with Nobles to make them join in your developments. Certain level of bonus chips needs to be attained to satisfy the Nobles. If you don’t know how to start with Splendor, you can surely watch the tutorial before starting and it will perfectly guide you how to proceed and play. Most importantly, reach fifteen prestige points before your opponent in order to win the game.



This is one of the best mobile board game for three players. The game is focused on fighting harmful viruses and diseases which have spread out across the world at the same time. The role of player is a Disease Fighting Specialist and their job is to remove disease from a particular area with the help of a research.

Major Population areas are shown on the board and on your turn, you have to choose between four options:

  • Move between cities
  • Cure Discovery
  • Treat effected from disease
  • Building a Research Station

There are two type of deck cards:

  • One is Epidemic which provides the four options mentioned above.
  • Second helps to reduce spread of viruses

In the team, each player is given a specialized role and they have to utilize the strengths accordingly in order to overcome the disease.

What are some of your favorite 3 player board games that have either a mobile/digital version or you want it to have a digital version to play?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.