Top 5 Gadgets for Pet Training

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Any person who had or has a pet knows that a home pet is always a hurricane of emotions, energy, fun, and love. Cats and especially dogs are very direct in the manifestation of their emotions. They react explosively to everything, and sometimes such excessive behavior can harm themselves and other living beings or things.

Therefore, just like with a child, you should educate and train your pet and instill it the correct behavior for universal well-being. Specialists have developed many courses and methods for training animals. Science, and in particular technology, also contributed to this cause. Today we bring to your attention the five most interesting and useful gadgets that will help you train your pet with ease and fun.

Smart Auto-Feeders 

One of the first skills we teach our children is the ability to eat right. It`s equally important to teach your pet how to eat properly. Despite the seeming elementary nature of this action, some animals have certain difficulties with this: they cannot stop eating and overeat, eat carelessly and scatter food all over the floor, etc. That`s why people have long developed auto-feeders.

This is a useful invention for pet owners that helps you determine how much food to give to your pet without much effort. And your pet will be trained to eat at a certain time and carefully. The shape of many feeders is designed in such a way as to make it difficult to access the feed, so the animal eats more slowly and neatly and also does not swallow the whole feed, which can be hazardous to health. In addition, in case of an emergency, a feeder will allow you to leave your pet alone in the house.

This gadget is suitable for both cats and dogs. The only difference is in the size of portions.

Pet Training Litter Tray

The training litter tray will help teach your pet another equally important skill – to relieve itself at a specific time and place. Many pet owners have difficulties with this particular issue, especially if this is their first pet and it`s very young. Any kitten or puppy should understand that the toilet is located in a certain place. To do this, install a special training tray. It looks as natural as possible and resembles grass cover.

Also, it emits an organic smell similar to the smell of street plants, so the tray attracts animals and causes an unconscious desire to relieve. The top layer quickly absorbs liquids, dries and eliminates unpleasant odors. The tray is antibacterial and easy to clean.

Sometime later, your pet will learn to go to one place, and then it`ll develop a reflex to relieve itself only on the grass. And for cats, litter trays and boxes, which are indispensable in a trip, may also be useful. You can learn more about them in the blog

Anti-Bark Training Collars 

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Sometimes there are situations when the dog begins to bark continuously and loudly. And neither commands nor persuasion can calm it down. In this case, for training, you can use the so-called Anti-Bark gadget that interrupts the annoying barking. This electronic device looks like a collar. It allows you to enjoy absolute peace and teaches the dog not to make noise for no reason.

Anti-Bark collar reacts to the voice of the pet. When the dog begins to bark non-stop, it switches on and punishes it with various effects soft and safe for the animal. Nowadays, there are several types of collars that differ in their principle of exposure. You can choose an ultrasonic or vibration model as well as a spray model.

An ultrasonic collar acts on dogs using ultrasound. As soon as the pet begins to bark, the device turns on and makes an unpleasant sound.

Spray is considered to be the safest type of Anti-Bark collars because it gently affects the pet. It delivers a small stream of air or water, which is unpleasant to the animal.

The vibration model doesn`t cause any discomfort at all. If the pet starts barking, the collar begins to vibrate which distracts a dog`s attention.

All of the types of collars listed by us are absolutely safe for the health and psyche of animals since they have a soft, painless, but annoying effect. There are also electric and combined Anti-Bark collars, but the question of their use is considered controversial, as they punish dogs with an electric discharge and cause a pain reaction.

GPS Collars 

Any (even the most homester) pet is primarily an animal. So, its instincts always drag it out into the street for adventure. A passing car, a bird on a tree, the smell of another animal – absolutely everything is interesting and unknown. And in the end, fascinated by the sounds and smells around, the pet runs away from your field of vision.

To train the animal to drown out the call of instincts and to remain in your sight, try smart GPS collars. These gadgets are worn around the neck of a dog or cat and transmit information about its location to you. If the pet goes beyond the set radius (for example, leaves the yard or walks too far from you during the walk), then the collar starts to make an unpleasant sound, vibration or electrical discharge, which increases with increasing distance.

The animal learns not to leave and listen to you, and you always know where the pet is. The collars are very durable, water and shockproof, therefore they will serve for a long time. Some models have a built-in backlight, which helps see the pet in the dark.

Training Clicker and Clicker Apps 

A clicker is the simplest device that has won the love of many pet owners all over the world. This gadget looks like a small box, a flashlight or a remote control with a button. When the button is pressed, the clicker makes a unique clicking sound, which has no analogs in nature. It`s widely used in dog training.

When the pet executes the command correctly, you click on the clicker and the produced sound helps the dog understand that it did everything right. An even, always the same click, that doesn`t exist in nature (and that means that your dog won`t confuse it with anything else) is quickly recognized and remembered by the animal. The dog understands that it is praised, and the training process is noticeably accelerated. The clicker is very small and light, it can be carried with you everywhere. Besides, it`s very cheap but brings a lot of benefits.

Now the clicker system can be applied much more widely. You can download the whole application with training tips and a built-in clicker signal. For example, Dogo mobile app includes more than 60 training exercises with step-by-step instructions, and to encourage the animal, you can play the clicker sound directly from your smartphone.

Remember that animal training is a very long process that can take much more than one year. And it largely depends not only on the abilities and nature of the pet but also on your approach to this issue. All gadgets invented by people can only help you on the path of raising a dog or cat, but the main work should be done by you.

Stock up with patience and love, act systematically, calmly and persistently, do not punish the pet unnecessarily and always praise it for success. And we hope that our article will facilitate this work and turn the training process from a boring drill into a pleasant and exciting game for you and your favorite.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.