What Gaming Trends to Watch Over the Next Few Years

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The video game industry is something that is pretty huge. It has also changed quite drastically over the past decade or so, but according to reports, it is set to change even more over the next decade. It can seem like we have reached the high with something, but really, there is more and more that could change, from things like cloud gaming, to greater regulations, there is plenty to look out for. So here are some of the things to look out for, that are likely changes, so that you can be ready and prepared when the changes come along.

Streaming Games

If you look at TV and movies, you can see just how much Netflix, and other video streaming, has changed the way that all works. So it makes sense to companies like Google and Microsoft to make some video games that are easy to stream, just like you can with movies on Netflix or music on apps like Spotify. Then it means that you can game on your smartphone, computer, or tablet, as well as traditional gaming devices that have access to the internet. Why stream games, though? By streaming games you can make the access to the industry bigger, as all people will need is a phone. More people are going to have those compared to consoles and even computers. More people would game if they didn;t have to spend hundreds of dollars up-front for the control system. If you only had to pay for games or for a subscription service, then you can see why it is a smart move. The gaming industry is big money, but it is set to grow even more by 2026, with streaming games playing a huge part in that.


Video games are likely to be caught up as regulators start to target technology companies, such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google. They will be targeted for their data and privacy failures, as well as the moderation that they have over their platforms, as well as other relevant issues. There are some critics that can argue that developers with be encouraging younger people to try out things like online gambling, as well the upgrades in games that can come from adding extra lives, and so on, that can really add up. Yet, developers of video games still carry on pushing boundaries with that they do, so you can see that some changes in regulation can be welcomed for the players, but not necessarily for the developers.

New Ways of Gaming

Back in the day, you had to have the right console and a few games, and then that was all that you needed. But now, there are more ways of gaming, and that is set to continue. Because of access to things like cheaper smartphones and tablets to play on, there is a massive spread of these online games and apps, with the likes of things like Candy Crush. These games help to bring some new people into gaming that don’t and won’t have a console in their home. Plus, with the likes of virtual reality and VR games, the whole thing is set to change again, as people can use their phones, but just head a VR headset, rather than a static console. The number of gamers increasing is likely to attract more business to the sector as well.

Digital Revolution

Consumers in general have started to ditch things like CDs and DVDs, preferring to download things onto their computer, or through apps on their tablets and phones. So it makes sense that video games are following the trend too. Digital distribution is something that is hugely beneficial to publishers of video-games, as it is something that can really save on things like manufacturing, shipping, and even storage costs. And saving money for a large brand is always going to be welcome. It can also mean cutting out retailers, which is another area where some costs are absorbed. Being able to buy online is something that is pretty convenient too, with no needing to wait for delivery and so on. This, of course, can become a problem for retailers, as they will lose some footfall into stores. So for these kinds of gaming stores, they should look to diversify what they sell, so that they can best compete and still be relevant.

What changes are you looking forward to in the coming years? It is an exciting time for gaming! It would be great to hear what you think in the comments below.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.