Top Cutting-Edge Tech for Your Home

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Technology has always found a way of infiltrating into our lives, including the most mundane tasks like pet sitting. There is, therefore, no doubt that we are happy to incorporate them into our homes. These technological devices make life easier and more fun by making the performance of tasks easier, faster and more effective. However, these devices vary a great deal in terms of functionality, features, and effectiveness at their job. Some are smarter than others and undoubtedly more expensive and better at task execution. These are the specific devices that any homeowner would desire – a tool that can bring together the different faculties of your home into a single beautiful haven of comfort. So, what gadgets and devices should you invest in so as to achieve such a house? Below, we discuss the most impeccable cutting-edge tech for your home.

1. Smart Thermostat for Temperature Regulation

Smart thermostats are among the latest technological trends being incorporated in most houses. The thermostat is connected to heating and cooling systems within the home and can be set to keep room temperature at your desired level. While they work similarly to the regular thermostat, their Wi-Fi compatibility, which makes remote control possible is the biggest difference. With just a smartphone app, you can set the smart thermostat to regulate temperature, manage its settings and schedule it to turn on at a particular time of the day. Some intelligent thermostats are more advanced in that they can learn your history of temperature settings and based on this, and they can automatically regulate temperatures as per your desires and needs. Even better is the fact that these Wi-Fi enabled gadgets can be controlled remotely also if you are away from home, thus an incredible addition to your home.

2. Smart Security Systems

Security at home is paramount, and since it may not be fiscally possible to employ someone to be there physically guarding your compound depending on your budget, making good use of smart security systems may actually give you better control and security. Smart security systems are usually composed of security cameras, motion sensors, door alarms, smart doorknobs and locks among others. Smart security systems have the capabilities to signal you if you have a visitor or intruder. Since these tech gadgets are Wi-Fi enabled, you can monitor your home from wherever you are via the cameras. Through the smartphone app or control hub, you can quickly adjust settings, schedule its operation and monitor energy consumption among other vital data.

3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the house is among the most dreaded tasks for most homeowners. Even with the right tools, it is still hard work, the exact reason why you should consider investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner. A robotic vacuum cleaner uses robotics to traverse your floors, and navigation sensors to avoid bumping into obstacles and falling off edges. With its dirt detection sensors, the robotic vacuum cleaner will sense even the smallest amount of dirt, move towards those dirty spots and clean them up. As much as this vacuum is constrained to the floors and flat surfaces, these are the most polluted parts of the house, thus offering great help to homeowners. Top notch robotic vacuums like the Roomba are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled remotely even when you are away from home. They also feature auto-charging technology that allows them to move to their charging dock whenever they detect a low battery. Some Roomba models can have virtual boundaries set and maps of the areas to be cleaned drawn. Investing in a Roomba is a sure bet for perfect cleaning and with the comparison between most popular Roombas you can find in this article, you will be able to make the right decision about the exact model that will befit your cleaning needs.

4. Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting systems may be composed of smart bulbs and smart switches, or only one of these. Smart bulbs have the physical appearance of regular light bulbs, but they come laden with intelligent features that ensure reliability and convenience. A smart lamp has the capabilities to dim, brighten and change color depending on the mood and lighting needs of a particular area and period. Most smart bulbs feature apps or hubs that can be used to control them over a Wi-Fi connection. These will surely warm up and add a surreal aura to your home. If you do not want to purchase smart bulbs, then you may buy a smart switch that can be used to control the operation of your ordinary light bulbs. In this case, you cannot change the brightness or color of the bulbs. The only thing you will be able to do with smart switches is switching the lights on or off. You can also connect these switches to your electrical gadgets so you can switch them on or off remotely via the control hub or smartphone app.

5. Intelligent Oven

The kitchen has not been left behind in technological developments, especially with the invention of the smart oven. While a normal over will let you load it with food and bake it ordinarily, the smart oven detects the type of food you want to cook, automatically adjusts its settings, cooks it and goes off immediately the food gets ready. These ovens can also be controlled remotely over a Wi-Fi connection, and via its smartphone app, you can set temperature, duration, later schedules and stop time depending on the food you are making. The other great invention for your kitchen is a smart coffeemaker that will brew your cup of coffee while you are still asleep or whenever you want.

6. Smart Shower

Unlike your ordinary shower head, a quick shower features an electric tankless heater that warms the water as per your liking thus saving on electricity costs. The smart shower is self-regulating, and you can never heat excess water like it is done in regular showers that have water heated in the tank, thus saving a lot on electricity consumption. Some smart shower systems allow you to control them via a smartphone app over a Wi-Fi connection. Some of them also have controls for water flow, which are better than what if offered by regular showers.


Owning a smart home is a great feat for any homeowner. First, there’s the great convenience that comes with it, and then the amazing aura it creates in your home. The best way to achieve a smart home automation system is incorporating the above high tech gadgets and getting the right hub or virtual assistant program that can keep them interconnected. This way, you won’t need multiple devices to control these gadgets. These edgy tech gadgets are definitely all-time best investments for any smart home enthusiast.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.