Top New Technologies for Students

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Statistics shows that modern students must learn a great amount of information from diverse spheres of their lives, much more than their predecessors did years ago. It is necessary to support them in this difficult situation. That is why today we will tell you about the Top New Technologies For Students.

  1. Smart Pen

A copybook is an important thing for every student because modern devices have a tendency to be discharged at extremely crucial moments like important lecture or presentation. And, unfortunately, it is impossible to type any text when your laptop has died. In this case, you may find the way out by making notes in the old fashioned way using a pen and your copybook.

If you have a smartphone, you are lucky enough to facilitate the whole process. Smart Pen can record all your lecture notes with the help of a software that identifies your written texts and is able to make voice recordings via the built-in microphone.

When your classes are over, smart software allows you to upload new documents in Google Docs or iCloud. It is much easier than carrying tons of books.


  1. Portable battery

In order to avoid the above-mentioned situation, high-tech genie invented a special device – a portable battery. From now on you can charge your phone, laptop and mp3-player whenever and wherever you want. Even on the summit of Everest. The main thing is to remember to charge this battery at home.


  1. Smart Backpack 

What will you do if you are too forgetful? Keep calm, because we have a solution for you – a smart backpack. This device combines 2 functions: comfortable store for all your stuff and a big portable solar panel. Now, you can forget about sockets and wires because you can get a personal electricity produced solely for you. What’s more – Greenpeace is at your side – this thing is environmentally friendly.


  1. Digital Textbook. Take 200 g instead of 100 kg with you.


Imagine that you need to travel abroad for some reasons and in addition to studying at your university. I bet that you have already imagined 100 kg of books that you will have to take. But how will you do it with these strict weight limits of airlines? No panic – just buy digital versions of these books and upload them to your device. Are you afraid of spoiling your vision? Modern scientists invented a special e-link display. You can read anything as much time as you need without any harm.


  1. Online Education

If you could tell anyone 20 years ago that you might get your masters or bachelors degree without leaving your bedroom they would think that you were crazy. That was because they had to attend classes, spending many hours at the university day by day. Today, you can study at the university and also get an extra degree. Toward the end of the college you will have 2 diplomas and your friends’ and parents’ respect. If you’d like to take a management mba, you can earn and learn new skills online. It is a great investment as you pursue your career while being an asset to the current organization you are in.


  1. Portable Hard Drive

Many laptop owners thought about the question of expanding the internal memory of their devices. In fact, it is not so easy to solve this problem. Due to the limited internal space of the case – buying an external hard drive for laptop is the simplest solution of extending memory problem.

Portable HDD will help students to expand their laptop internal memory. Manufacturers ensure that their external hard drive would be protected from dust and vibration, be compact, light, noiseless, and resistant to water.

The desire to expand the memory of your laptop or desktop computer is quite understandable. After all, with the amount of RAM and CPU performance, hard disk capacity is a really important characteristic.

It is a great device for students who would like to take all their essential data to a trip.

  1. Grammar essay checkers

“How can I make sure I write my essay grammatically correct?”  – It is the most frequently asked question of all students. These services were created for busy, fast and energetic modern students. Online grammar checkers will help you to get an excellent mark for your assignment. These websites are able to: check and correct grammar mistakes, separate words and sentences if it’s needed, show the percentage of plagiarism.

To conclude, technological progress has become a part of our daily life. Students are not an exception. We hope that this article will help you to make life easier and to enjoy every moment of your academic time. Follow the novelties of technology and good luck to you!


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.