Gearbest Pokemon Go Hunters Sale

To get in on the Pokemon GO craze Gearbest put together quite a decent sale to help the Pokemon enthusiasts not only capture their Pokemon with the latest gadgets, but also cosplay and have the latest toys related to Pokemon.  First up is the sales, there are a few tablets and smart devices at huge discounts, like the UMI Super 4G which is perfect for playing Pokemon GO and is only $179.99 compared to it’s normal retail price of $425.03!  The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is also only $41.99 on sale right now, and this is the watch I wear everyday!

Here is a pic of me wearing the Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi which has a great step tracker and I love the battery life on it as a fit band.

But back to the Pokemon Go Deals, you can find everything from Pokeballs, Action Figures, Plush Toys and more at the Gearbest Pokemon GO Hunter Sale.  Seriously you can pick up like 2-3 plush toys like an Eevee and Pikachu for less than $20 for a few of them.

If you have kids who are excited about Pokemon this is a great time to pick up some gifts and tuck them away for Holiday presents too, get them now while they are cheap and present them later!

Even if you don’t play Pokemon GO, but maybe you have a family member that does, Gearbest has you covered.  Just have your kid or friend place a Lure at the local park Pokestop and you can setup and fly your new quadcopter drone and play with that while they wait for the Pokemon to show up!

Or even better, attach your mobile device to your drone and let it put some distance and catch some eggs for you (just kidding) but I hear about people strapping their phones to fans, dogs and other devices to get motion going to hatch those eggs so thought I would throw that out there.

Finally, you not only can find tablets and more phones that are perfectly capable of playing Pokemon GO, but you need some extra charging for those devices as the app is a massive battery drain.

So make sure you pick up a high capacity power bank and some extra cables and keep your mobile devices charged for hours which gives you more play time. They also have Pokemon Cosplay accessories, camping gear, hiking gear, lighting equipment and more to help make sure you get out and have a good time on your hunt so make sure you stop by Gearbest and plan for your next Pokemon adventure.


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