Top Selling Smart Watches over at Gearbest

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iMacwear M7

Smart watch industry is becoming the order of the day. This is because many people are switching over to these computer watches. The best of such watches can be found at These watches are not only affordable at gearbest; they can ship to you without extra charges. The best smart watches you can get from gearbest include iMacwear M7 smart watches.

When you look at its great features, you would discover that it is the best smart watch that you lay your hands today. The greatest thing you are going to like in this watch is that it can serve as a standalone device, and this means that you can browse the net, make and receive calls through it, and several other things you can do with it, without synchronizing with your computer.

It has several features such as:

  • Bluetooth receivers
  • GPS
  • Uses Micro SD card

It is contained in a box you would not like to throw away after use. Moreover, it has a manual, which is not difficult to understand and it teaches you everything that you need to know about that watch.

The smart watch performs many functions. The most important function it performs is that it is a wristwatch. This means that you can just use it as a wristwatch. Beyond that, the smart watch can act as an android phone. This means that you can use it to make and receive calls and synchronize it with your mobile devices. For you to make and receive calls on it, it must use a SIM card. Moreover, it uses an in built speaker. You can speaker through this in built speaker, or through Bluetooth headphones, which it supports.

This smart watch has other functions, which you can enjoy in it. You can buy this high-end watch from gearbest at reduced prices and free shipping. It takes high quality photos and uses strong battery that could last for some days.

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GV18 Aplus Smart Watch

The most recent smart watch that enters the gearbest website is the GV18APlus smart watch. The watch apart from being driven by the most recent technology is very affordable and comfortable to wear. Like other smart watches sold at gearbest, you are sure of getting the product at cheaper rates, and free shipping as well.

Apart from its affordability, other things that make GV18 APlus great are the fantastic features.

The watch comes along with the following:

  • USB cable
  • Leaflet in English and Chinese languages that would guide you as use the device. The smart watch does not only act as watch, it can serve as a phone as well, especially android phones.

Other features available in the smart watch include:

  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Anti theft feature
  • Sleep monitor
  • NFC and so on

Before you begin to use the device, you must first insert its battery. When inserted, you need to charge it fully using the USB charging device. Many people use the smart watch as a storage device as they can store things inside it. You can download movies, and watch them via USB cable in your computer or laptop and watch them at any convenient date.

The watch is weighty and chunky by design. Its front was composed of stainless steel and the back was made of plastic materials. It has a soft rubber on its cover, and that is why it is very comfortable to wear. The screen is very responsive and bright enough for anything that you want to do with it. You set it through its screens.

There are standard features, which are included in the watch such as pedometer as well as other sedentary warning features. It is simple and very easy to use these features. You can use the build in camera, or you can control its phone camera remotely. You can use the SIM card in your watch independent of your phone. It produces brilliant and high quality images because of the camera megapixels quality. This high quality smart watch is available at gearbest and you are sure of free shipping when you buy from them.

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ZGPAX S29 Smart Watches

Smart watches are the best selling brand in the market. This is because of the multipurpose functions that you derive from them. The top selling smart watch at gearbest today is the ZGPAX S29. The smart watch can be synchronized to perform other useful functions. It is fitted with unique features and that is why its users would always rock and roll with it. The smart watch doubles as a mobile phone. You can get this watch and other smart watches at gearbest with free shipping.

With your ZPGAX29 smart watch, you can connect to android brands on the market. You can synchronize the watch with many phones on the market today.

  • The watch is about 1.54 inches
  • It is a smooth touch screen watch
  • It features TFT display
  • It is sturdily built, and flexible to use
  • The brand is the most fashionable and comfortable smart watch phone that you can lay your hands on the market today.

Moreover, the smart watch has a camera, which you can use to capture important things as you move about. Because the smart watch could support and accommodate micro SIM, it can also serve as a mobile phone. This is perhaps the most important feature that sets this mobile smart watch apart from others.

Because the watch features Bluetooth V3.0, it is easy to synchronize with your smart phone. Moreover, it is accompanied by USB slot, this provides for efficient connection. The watch supports ten prominent languages across the globe. The best of ZGPAX S29 smart watch phone is available at Apart from giving you at discount prices, they would also ship it free.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.