Top Websites to Play Games Free

Playing games online is a favorite past time for anyone with a computer. Buying games can quickly add up, so it’s helpful to know which sites you can play games online without paying.

There are multiple sites that offer freeware and free PC games, and here are some great options.

Reloaded gives a creative spin on class/retro games for you to play. There are screenshots, too so you can see if it’s a game you’re interested in.


Although Steam primarily offers paid games, they do have a ton of options when it comes to free games as well. Sometimes these games are only free for a select amount of time, but you can sign up for their newsletter or check their site often to see when they have these deals.

Take Game

Take Game currently has over 400 games on their site for you to play. You can sort them by top game of the month or by ones that have been recently added.

Free Online Games

No downloads are needed to play on FOG. You simply can play each game using flash player.


AllGamesAtoZ is a great site for playing free games. Every game is safe to download and the site is mobile friendly so you can browse wherever you go. They also offer reviews and forums so you can talk about the games you’re passionate about.

Best Old Games

Best Old Games has old-school DOS games that are no longer being supported by the original creator. That means, they’re free for you to download and play. Remember Transport Tycoon Deluxe? They have it! It’s a walk down memory lane, so be sure to check it out.

Hopefully you found a new site to use for gaming, if not, you can also check out the top mobile slots websites in 2018 if you are interested as well.

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