Showcasing the Toshiba PUREGO Air Purifier with Tornado Airmax System!

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Toshiba is a name brand in many electronics, and air purification is no exception. The CAF-Z40US is a super cool air purifier, which will do a two hundred square foot room. This is absolutely perfect for medium to large rooms.  Portability also isn’t an issue, it’s extremely movable. You can just grab it and go with no issues. The three stage UV filtration system is great. It handles dander, smoke, pollen, and many other things with a ninety nine percent filtration rate which is absolutely fantastic. Coupled with a really good filtration system is a color coded read system to indicate what your rooms air purity is like. Blue is excellent, green is good, orange is moderate, and red is poor. We actually tested all that out, which I’ll talk about below. A few other things we’re gonna discuss is how the purifier will clean the room its placed in out five times an hour. I absolutely love all the bells and whistles this has in addition to the base air filter. Without further ado, lets get started.

Box Contents, and Testing

Your box comes with three main pieces: Your basic AC/DC adapter with plug, the bottom base which uses a full open air design. Your bottom base contains a wrapped filter with a small yellow handle. The base uses a full open air design (The aforementioned Tornado Airmax System!) which puts your filter to full use! Considering this is an H-13 True Hepa Filter, this is a really good design choice on their part. So all you have to do is unwrap your filter, and slip it into the base. Make sure the gasket seal on the filter sets in place properly, and you’re good to go. You can clearly see the layers on the filter, the outer layer with the fins, and the inner layer, which is always nice.

So, lets talk about the third piece. Your top which is the extremely nice fan. The locking mechanism is cool, and ensures everything stays in place, but remember that it is removable. You simply press the button on the side which will release your locks. The inlaid logo on the front is really nice as well, absolutely love it. On the fan itself sets your indication screen. You’ve got your power button, timer button, reset for the filter, UV, memory function, and fan function. Just make sure to remove the clear plastic on the front. Then in the center of your buttons you’ve got a digital screen that displays your air purity, as well as on/off power.

On the back of your filter you’ve got a few things. Behind an easily poppable panel you’ve got your charcoal filtration if you need it, and your power input. We powered it up and boy is it quiet! The lock was easy to hear, and as I mentioned earlier it’s not really too tall. Very compact and easy to place in a ton of different positions. You get twelve levels of fan, and the memory function comes with night mode, ambient mode, and fan mode. We turned the lighting on and our test room indicated blue for good air quality! It’s honestly a beautiful device with such a clear screen. You can even dim the LED if it’s a little bright which is a nice touch. It’s also not loud at all, with our tester easily able to speak over the device. The filter is also SUPER easy to remove for a cleaning or replacement! You just turn the device around, unplug your AC, press the unlock button and you’re good to go! Really a great product! The max fan seems to really keep a room clean, and again it’s perfect for rooms at up to a two hundred square foot cleaning radius. Also the auto mode detects drops in your air purity and will adjust your purifier automatically which is a really cool feature.

Thanks for checking out this product, and have a fantastic rest of your day!

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.