Tranmix 30000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank Review

Merl shows off the Tranmix Solar Charger which is a 30000mAh USB C Power Bank that has a flashlight with 32 bright LED and you can see they are quite bright as one of the entire sides becomes a flashlight rather than a single beam flashlight at the top. This USB C Power Blank has 3A total output and you can charge it via USB C as well for 15% faster charging. This power bank has the ability to charge 3 devices at the same time and has enough capacity to fully charge an iPhone 11 7-9 times. During the solar test it got around 10-15% power in about 3 hours of solar charging, but it was hard to be exact as it only shows bars indicating each 25% of capacity level.

Overall this is a great power bank to keep in your car and especially for camping, as even with a slow trickle charge from solar, it can give you that emergency few minutes of power for your phone when you need it to make an emergency call if your phone dies. For the price it definitely gets a recommend from us here at DragonBlogger.

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