How to Transfer All Data Files from Old Phone to a New Phone

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The trends, at present, show that people frequently change their mobile phones.  Big surprise huh!  The prime reason being the fact that technology is at its fastest pace, hence gadgets are updated and modified quickly and people want the latest features that newer gadgets offer. Mobile phones in particularly have new models every year to try and entice people to purchase the latest and greatest. By touting better camera’s, newer features and functions and more.

A big challenge however is that after buying a new phone, you have transfer your data. This phone to phone transfer of data could be between iOS device to Android or between other platforms like Windows, Bada, Symbian, etc. Apart from discussing data transfer between other platforms, our article will have a special focus on iPhone to Android transfer of data.  Cause we are going to assume the new Galaxy S10 may finally convince you to switch from an iPhone to Android.

Since data transfer phone to phone is assumed in this article to be your primary concern, you indeed need a good solution which can:

  • Easily, securely and safely transfer your data
  • Have compatibility with the device
  • Transfer any and all type of data

When you are ready to transfer data from iPhone to Android, there are several ways you can use to attempt this. A desktop application is the best solution for data transfer from an iPhone to Android phone. Google Account Sync and Move to iOS are commonly used to transfer data from an Android to an iPhone. Leveraging the assistance of iCloud & iTunes for taking backup and restoring data is generally resorted to if the data transfer is between iOS devices. Direct transfer in this case can be performed using a third-party tool. Manual Transfer, Google Account and third party tool can be also leveraged to transfer data between Android phones. There are certain apps like desktop applications or mobile apps,which are reliable solutions for data transfer between mobile devices.

Transferring data using Desktop Applications

There are some specified and recommended solutions for phone to phone transfer of data. These desktop applications are most commonly used by the people for Mac/Windows and are also convenient to use.

1. dr.fone – Switch: The tool is used to transfer data between various platforms like Android to iOS and vice versa. This also provides direct phone to phone transfer between iOS to iOS and Android to Android. It helps transferring data like contacts, documents, images, videos, music,messages and more. The tool supports lossless transfer of data with more than 6000 smart phones.

2. Wondershare Mobile Trans: This tool not only transfers data but takes a backup of it to restore later. This, too, supports transfer of data between iOS to iOS, Android to Android, iOS to Android and vice versa.

3. Mobiledit Phone Copier: This tool provides direct data transfer across platforms. It supports encrypted transfer of data for all the devices running on iOS, Windows, Android, Bada, Symbian and many more.

4. Jihosoft Phone Transfer: The tool supports lossless and direct transfer of data between iOS to Android and vice versa. This solution also helps in taking backup and restoring data of the device.

5. SynciOS Data Transfer: SynciOS, a desktop application,is also compatible with Android & iOS. This tool takes a backup of your device and can restore data. This, too,allows data transfer between iOS to Android, & vice versa and also cross-platform data transfer within iOS & Android devices.

Transferring data using Mobile Apps

There are certain mobile apps which can help you move your data from your old phone to a new one. These apps are specifically dedicated to iOS and Android devices.These apps help in lossless transfer of data. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

Some of the reliable apps are:

1. dr.fone – Switch–This app helps you transfer data from an iOS device to an Android device. Your iPhone should be running on iOS 5 or an updated version and the Android device should be an Android 4.1 and above. The app helps retrieving data from iCloud and transferring it to your new Android phone. You need a USB extension to import data like bookmarks, call history, notes, calendar, messages, images, videos, etc.

2. Samsung Smart Switch–This app helps you retrieve data from an iOS or Android device to a new Samsung phone. It facilitates the data transfer from any iOS5.0 device and new versions or any Android 4.0 and above. It supports BlackBerry or Windows phones as well. With or without wire, data can be transferred using this app.

3. AT&T Mobile Transfer – This app also supports data transfer from any iOS & Android device to an Android device. This app only works with an Android 4.4 and updated version having AT&T connection. A displayed code needs to be scanned so as to establish a wireless connection between two devices. Henceforth, data transfer can be initiated. The solution helps you transfer your call logs, contacts, messages, audios, photos, videos, etc.

4. Verizon Content Transfer–This app helps Verizon users a wireless transfer of data from Android to Android and iOS to Android. Data, using this app, can be transferred through WiFi direct wherein network data isn’t required.This user friendly app helps transferring photos, videos, audios, contacts, messages, etc.

Note: All these mobile apps can be conveniently downloaded from Google Play.

Transferring Data to iPhone using Three Most Trusted Apps

There are three apps which are really reliable if data needs to be transferred to iPhone.

These are as below:

1. Move to iOS – An official app by Apple to facilitate Android users to move their data to the new iPhone. For transferring data, you need to install Move to iOS app on your Android phone and then, wireless connection can be established between your Android phone and the other iOS device. Henceforth, data like contacts, messages, photos, etc., can be easily transferred. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

2. Wireless Transfer App – A wireless cross-platform data transfer between Android and iOS devices can be sought through this app. The app not only supports data transfer between smartphones but also with computers. This app needs to be installed in both devices to establish a connection and thereafter, transfer can be initiated. All type of data can be transferred using this app. It needs to be downloaded.

3. Dropbox–The app supports cloud storage. Although, it is little time-consuming yet data can be accessed on any device, anywhere and anytime.

How to transfer only one specific type of data to your new phone?

At times, only certain data files need to be transferred. For example, if you need only images to be transferred or you just need to move your contact list. In such cases, you prefer to do it manually, instead of taking help of data transfer tools.

1. When Contact List needs to be transferred:

a. Transferring contacts to Google Account on Android: Go to Settings> Account> Gmail Account>Sync Account> Sync Contacts

b. Transferring contacts to Google Account on iPhone: Go to Settings>Account> Add Account. Enter credentials to log-in to your Google account. At last, turn on the sync option to transfer the list.

c. Transferring contacts to SIM from your Android phone: Go to Contacts> Manage Contacts>Import/Export Contacts> Export Contacts> SIM


2. When Videos/Images need to be transferred:

a. Transfer from Android phone:An Android phone needs to be connected to a computer. Then, media files should bechosen to transfer. Copy the content to paste it on the desired location.

b. Transfer from iPhone using Windows AutoPlay feature: You need to connect your iPhone to the computer. Then appears an AutoPlay prompt wherein you select your content to be imported.

c. Transfer/Upload photos on Google Drive: Go to Google Drive (for both iPhone/Android). Choose to upload photos on the cloud and the same can be downloaded on any device.


3. When Text Messages need to be transferred:

a. Transferring text messages on an Android: Firstly, SMS Backup & Restore app needs to be downloaded. Launch it to take a backup of your messages on cloud and restore the messages using the same app.

b. Transferring text messages on iPhone: Go to iPhone’s Settings and turn iCloud on.Go to Settings> Messages>Messages in iCloud. The same iCloud account needs to be referred to restore messages.


4. When Purchased Apps need to be transferred:

a. Transferring previously purchased apps on iPhone: Go to App Store> Purchased> Not on this iPhone and there apps of your choice can be downloaded.

b. Transferring apps on Android through Google Account: Phone’s Settings> Backup & Reset (automatic backup needs to be turned on)> Back up my data & Automatic restore (Turn on these two options)


How dr.fone– Switch is a better solution for data transfer from iPhone to Android?

There is ample no. of solutions and apps for data transfer between various mobile phones running on different platforms. But opting for dr.fone – Switch is the easiest way to handle transfer.

dr.fone – Switch is one-click spontaneous Data Transfer Software toolkit. It easily enables transfer from iPhone to Android phone by accessing data either from phone memory or from iCloud.

How does the toolkit dr.fone work?

1. You should launch dr.fone on your desktop (Windows or Mac).

2. Out of the many options on the homepage, click on the option Switch.

3. Both your iPhone and Android devices need to be connected to the computer with USB.


4. Now, files, which are to be transferred, need to be scanned.

5. Initiate transfer by clicking Start Transfer.

6. Certain files, which you don’t want to transfer, can be deleted through Clear data before copy.


Wondershare has developed an awesome toolkit dr.fone– Switch. The software has made the transfer from iPhone to Android really convenient and quick. The software is a perfect solution and a great alternative as compare to others available to attempt transfer of data.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.