Trim and edit your videos easily with Joyoshare Media Cutter [Review]

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Probably everyone reading this article has at some point wanted to trim out a part of a video. May it be the intro titles scenes of a movie, or a pre-recorded television show with ads in them. But video editing is not an easy task and for someone who’s not too good with computers, it can be even harder. And when you are just looking to trim some videos, learning a whole new video editing software with tons of features might seem like a waste of time. So today we will be reviewing the Joyoshare Media Cutter for Windows whose sole purpose is to cut, edit, and merge videos with ease.

The Joyoshare Media Cutter is a video editing software available for Windows as well as Mac. This is a very basic editor targeted for those who are looking to trim their video or audio files. The software also lets you do some editing work which we will take a look at later in this review. The software license costs around $29.95 for a single machine but you can try out the free trial version of this software before purchasing the software as the software lets you edit 5 videos for free which is quite generous.

Trimming Videos

Moving on to the software, this is the main screen that appears once you launch the software. To add a video, click on the “Open” button. This opens the browse menu. Select the file directory, then choose the video and click on Open. Another way to add videos is to simply drag and drop them.


Once you have selected the video, you can access the media controls. You get the usual play, pause fast forward and rewind buttons. You also get a time slider through which you can directly skip to the desired timeframe.

The next step is to trim the video. There are two ways to trim the video. The first one is to adjust the two slider handles that you see on the yellow timeline bar. The left handle adjusts the starting point of the video while the right handle adjusts the end point of a video. The other way to trim the video is to select the starting point of the video using the media controls or by using the time slider. Once you have selected the start point, click on the “[” button to set the start segment. For the endpoint, move the time slider again to your desired time and then click on the “]” button to set the end segment.  With just these few steps, you have finished trimming your video.

But what if you want to trim out multiple sections of a video file? Well, you can do that too. There is a segments tab on the bottom part of the software screen. Click on the “+” icon to add a new segment. This will create a new timeline for your second trim. Adjust the start and end segments just like you did the first time and you are done. You can trim any part of your video by adding as many segments as you require. Make sure to click the checkbox to merge the segments to create a single video file.

Now that the trimming part is done, click on the “Format” button to select the video and audio quality. There are tons of video and audio quality to choose from but I would recommend that you set it to the default High setting so that the rendering process is fast and lossless.

Once you have selected the format of the video, click on “Start“. The rendering process with start and the video will be saved in your selected output directory which can be changed from the “Preferences” tab.

Now that the trimming section is covered, let’s have a quick look at the editing section of the software.

Video Editing Tools

To access the video editor, click on the “Edit” icon from the segments tab. This will open up a new window with all the editing controls.


Inside the edit menu, you get a separate trim menu so you can trim the video from here instead of the main menu if you want to.


The next tab is Adjust. Here you can crop the video to remove unwanted areas. The adjust tab also lets you rotate or flip the video horizontally and vertically.


In the Effects tab, you will be able to some color correction to the video where you can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue. You can also add cool video effects and frames to make the video look better.


Another great feature is that you can add watermarks to your video. This way no one can steal your video without giving you credits. You can also use that to add some texts.


If you have an existing subtitle file with you, you can add that to your video. Here you can change the font and the text color of your subtitles and more with ease.


The Audio is the final editing tool that the software provides. The audio tab lets you change the audio track of the video. There are also a couple of sound effects included which changes the audio sound to make it better or even funny. That is about all that this little software provides.

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The Joyoshare Media Cutter for Windows is a great software that lets you trim and edit your videos easily. The trimming process is really easy and editing videos have never been so simple for the average user. The software costs just around $30 which is quite cheap for a basic editing software if you ask me. The trial version allows 5 free edits so go on and try out the software.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.