Why You Should Have a Car Dash Cam

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Nowadays, I believe that it is imperative that those of you that are driving have a dash cam in your car. Especially when it comes to accidents or meeting up with someone to sell your items via Craigslist. A dash cam is perfect for being able to record just about anything that happens either while on the road or even being pulled over by the police. Having video evidence comes especially handy when in an accident when someone might claim that an accident was your fault and might try to contact your insurance company. Not having this evidence could go against you and cause your insurance rates to go up a lot more than you think, especially for those of you that use no down payment car insurance companies, where you are not required to provide a deposit or payment upfront for a fair rate. Find this policy and others that fit your needs by using an online service to compare car insurance quotes.

Having this technology is, in my opinion, very important and helps back yourself up if you have to go to court over an accident. I’m going to show you a few models that I believe will help you capture those moments along with anything else that you may need help capturing in the future. First up, is the Mount Dog A78 Car Dash Camera. This dash came provides full 1080p DVR recording, HDR, Motion Detection and a video screen on the rear which allows you to see what is being recorded in real time. The motion detection mode allows for the camera to instantly start recording if anything moves into view of the camera such as a bike, other cars, or pedestrians crossing the street for example. You can also set the camera to turn on while driving or even set a timer. This particular model also comes packaged with a 16GB SD Card for recording storage.

The Mount Dog A78 Car Dash Cam

Another camera that can help you record is the Ssontong 1080p Car Dashboard Camera. This model also provides full 108op capture as well as a 4-inch IPS 170-degree wide angle screen which allows you to also see on the display what is being captured. One thing that this model features is the ability to record at night via a built-in Night Vision mode which will help make you feel safer at night for those that do not feel so easy doing so as well as to help capture any accidents or incidents one may have in their car at night. Another great feature that comes with the Ssontong is that it features G-Motion meaning that whenever there is a sudden, violent shake from the car, such as in an accident, the camera will lock the recording of the accident and then record anything in front of the camera afterward so that way any interaction with anyone else is caught. This makes for a very incredible feature that will greatly help assist in an accident you may find yourself in.

The Ssontong 1080p Dashboard Camera

Once again, I believe that this day in age it just makes sense to use the technology that we do have to be able to help us provide evidence of who is at fault in an accident or in any other situation you might find yourself in while driving your vehicle. Dash cam footage is able to be used in most court cases so don’t think twice about not having one. Especially with how affordable the market for one is these days.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.