TronSmart USB Car Charger Review


I was recently given the chance to try out the Tronsmart USB rapid car charger. I’m always looking for ways to charge my phone as I seem to drain the battery quickly.


Included in the box is the Tronsmart TS-CC2PC dual USB car charger, a micro USB cable and a small instruction manual.

This charger can support 5 Volt ,9 Volt and 12 Volt devices. It has the ability to recognize what power source is needed to automatically output the proper charging power. It also contains short circuit protection and it will not overcharge your device.


The charger itself is not very big. Above I have used a Lightning McQueen toy car for scale. It is made from a very lightweight plastic, but it is very well built as I did drop it twice onto a tile floor and it didn’t crack. It weighs about 0.83 oz.


There are 2 USB outputs. The first output is for normal charging. The second output is for the quick charge.  This reduces the amount of time needed to charge your device.  Depending on the device you are charging this can reduce the time needed by up to 75%. I myself have an Android phone and when from under 15% to fully charged in about 30 minutes.


Using the TronSmart USB Car Charger could not be easier. I simply plugged it into the power outlet in my van and it is ready to use.  You don’t need to have Quick Charge Tech in your phone to use this device. It can charge any device, it will just not charge as quickly but rather its normal charging rate.  Overall I found the TronSmart USB Car Charger to charge fast and easy and to do its job efficiently.

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