Trust GXT 188 Laban RGB Mouse Review

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So I have been using this mouse for over 2 weeks now, so I think it’s about time I write a review on it. My first reaction when I first connected the Trust Laban mouse to the computer? “Bruh! Look at that RGB Lighting”. The wave effect was so mesmerizing that I couldn’t take my eyes off of the mouse for a while. Not even kidding. Okay so now that I am done flattering over the mouse, let’s get on with the mouse in detail.



For those who can’t watch the unboxing can check out some pics of the Laban mouse.





Type Wired
USB version 2.0
Buttons 8
Programmable buttons Yes
Programmable macro’s Yes
On-board memory Yes
Adjustable weights No
RGB Illuminated Yes
Cable type Non Braided
User Right-handed
Grip Type Palm
cable length 1.8m
Gliding pads UPE
Mouse Size  128x70x39
Weight 113g
Warranty 1 years



Model Pixart PMW3360
Technology Optical
DPI 100-15000
Tracking Speed 300ips
Acceleration 50g
Polling rate 125/250/333/500/1000Hz


During my daily usage of the Trust Laban, I never had any complaint with the mouse. Thanks to its Pixart PMW3360 sensor, the mouse is very responsive and precise. The Laban mouse comes with an Optical sensor, so there are no lights popping out from behind the mouse. Trying out the mouse on different surfaces, I tested the mouse on a cloth mousepad, textured surfaces, glass, bed sheets, and the mouse worked flawlessly on each surface. Gaming on the mouse felt a bit different during the first few minutes, but once I got used to the mouse, it felt like magic. I was tapping headshots here and there.


Build and Feel

The mouse has a smooth rubber texture which seems slippery at first, but when you hold it in your hands, it feels very comfortable and premium. While I would have preferred a touch of sandstone grip like the previous Trust GXT 177 mouse, or a rough textured rubber grip over the sides for a better grip, but can’t complain since the mouse fits perfectly in my hands and so, is non slippery. The mouse has 8 programmable buttons which are LMB, RMB, Scroll wheel, 2 DPI buttons, 2 side buttons and another button near the LMB. The mouse weighs about 113 grams and has RGB LEDs around the mouse in a U kind of shape. The side buttons are positioned properly and have a gap between the 2 buttons. I had mentioned in the unboxing video that the side buttons might be difficult to reach, but I couldn’t be any wrong. It didn’t take any time for me to get used to the position of the side buttons. The clicks are very responsive and the scroll wheel has the same rubber texture that was used in the previous GXT 177 mouse which was one of my favorite scroll wheels that I have seen in any mice. The best thing about the mouse is the bump on the right side of the mouse. This may seem insignificant at first, but its one of the best features of the mouse. What the bump does it that it gives a spot for the ring finger to rest on. This makes the mouse more comfortable.


The mouse has 8 programmable buttons. Since each button is programmable, you can change the function of each and every buttons. The high precision Pixart PMW3360optical sensor can go up to 15,000 DPI. The Trust Laban is an ergonomic mouse so each button is placed so you can reach it easily and comfortably. The mouse has full RGB LED lighting with over 16.8 million colors so you will never run out of colors to choose. The mouse has 4 different LED effects to choose from. The Laban is packed with an on-board memory. So all your custom presets can be stored in your mouse. So even if you change your PC, you can still have 1 profile at your disposal. You don’t even need to carry the Trust gaming software with you to your LAN events or tournaments, thanks to the on-board memory.  The mouse has smooth, low friction gliding pads so you can have proper control over the mouse.

Going over in detail over the DPI of the mouse, your DPI can range from 100 to over 15000 DPI. The Laban mouse has 2 dedicated buttons for increasing and decreasing the DPI of the mouse. With the Trust Gaming Software, you can set up to 5 different stages of DPI per profile. We can also adjust the polling rate from 125HZ to 1000HZ. 125HZ=8ms, 250HZ=4ms, 500HZ=2ms, and 1000HZ=1ms.

Talking about the LED effects of the mouse, there are a total of 4 LED effects which are 7 color breath, full lighted, breathing and the wave effect. In 7 color breath, the mouse will breathe 7 different colors in a loop. In full lighted, the LEDs will light up 1 single color of your choice and won’t breathe or do anything. This one is for those who prefer just a single still color. Then we have the breathing effect in which the color of your choice will keep on breathing. This is similar to the 7 color breath, but the only difference is that only one color will breathe. The last one and my favorite LED effect is the wave effect. This effect will show a rainbow effect in which the LEDs will move in a U shape from either left to right or from left to right depending on how you want it. You can also change the wave speed from low to high.

The Macro Manager can help you set macros so you can have an edge over others while gaming. You can set a macro to a mouse button and have that button do jump, shoot, and melee. Once you save the macro task and press the macro button, your in-game character will perform the task with just 1 click of a mouse. Pretty cool.


GXT 188 Gaming Software

Trust has provided us with a great software for the Trust Laban mouse. The file size of the software is less than 10MB unlike the previous gaming software of the GXT 177 mouse which was higher in file size but the LED effects or the profile changes happened much faster in the previous software. What they have experimented in this one is that the file size of the software is less, but the settings take a little longer to apply. I have made a video showing the LED effects and have explained the functions of the software in the video linked below.


What’s Missing?

Okay, so the major question. What is not included in the mouse? Most of you would say that the mouse is missing a weight system. Probably true for most of you, but I was never a fond of additional weights. And another thing that was missing in the gaming software of the mouse was the Gaming Mode. Many mice companies are implementing this. For example, the LEDs of the mouse should change depending on the game that you are playing. Like if your health is low, then the LED should flicker in red color, or if your ultimate is ready(Overwatch), the lights will perform some different action. So I think that Trust should think about adding this in the future version. Also, now that Trust is ready with their complete RGB setup of a mouse, keyboard, and an RGB mousepad, they should come up with an RGB Sync option so all the devices will light up in the same color and effect at the same time. Apart from these, the mouse is absolutely fantastic, and I have no problems whatsoever.


My thoughts

Trust has come up with some really great products. With every new product that they release, you can see the work that they put into each one. When the Trust GXT 177 mouse came, I was in love with that mouse. I immediately switched my Logitech G402 and the GXT 177 became my new favorite mouse. Now with the Trust GXT 188 Laban mouse, I think I have a new favorite. I am pretty sure that this will be my daily driver for quite a long time now and let my brother have fun with the GXT 177. The best part of the mouse is probably the RGB. And I absolutely can’t miss out the side bump on the right side. So I would strongly recommend you to go and try out the Trust GXT 188 Laban Mouse and give this mouse a full 5/5 rating.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.