Two Bluetooth Audio Options Under $20

So recently we partnered up with LotFancy who happens to make two really great quality audio options for people who like to listen to music or audio on the go.  Both options are really a fantastic deal for the price, and LotFancy created a custom coupon for Dragon Blogger fans to take an additional 10% off so we wanted to share with the fans this special offer.

LotFancy Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

The first is for those looking for a Bluetooth Earbud option, I myself like a minimal amount of head gear when running, jogging but still want quality earbuds.  With the LotFancy Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds you get decent sound in a small package and best of all, these are Bluetooth earbuds so you get no wire down your whole body to plug into your phone or MP3 player.  So you get that untethering.  I am still working on the full review and it should be published soon, but in the meantime take 10% off the earbuds with COUPON 4O4DH38A which you can apply at checkout on Amazon.

Buy them Now for less than $20 with coupon!

You can buy the Bluetooth Earbuds for less than $20 with the coupon listed above.

LotFancy Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Headphones

For those of you who prefer headphones that sit over your ear, instead of earbuds then LotFancy offers the Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Headphones which were recently reviewed by Jordan.  These are adjustable and also fold so that you can fit them away for storage or travel with them easily.  There is a mic built in so you can use them for talking as well.  As with the Bluetooth Earbuds listed above take 10% off the earbuds with COUPON 4O4DH38A which you can apply at checkout on Amazon.

Buy now for less than $20 with coupon!

You can buy the LotFancy Hi-Fi Bluetooth Headset for less than $20 with the coupon listed above.

Disclaimer: LotFancy partnered with to bring you these offers.  LotFancy created a 10% off coupon code specifically for Dragon Blogger and readers of to use but feel free to share as anyone can take advantage of the coupon for the duration of this campaign.  Coupon code expires on May 30th 2015.


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Justin Germino
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