Working on a Dual Webcam Setup with a Tripod and Mount Plate

Lately I needed to add a second camera to my streaming setup so that I could have the option of having one webcam focused on my face while another webcam pointing at something on my desk like a product I want to show or maybe show off my keyboard and mouse while I am playing a  game…etc.  In some cases you want two webcams if you are an artist and want to show one webcam drawing on your tablet while the other is centered on your face or you simply want multiple camera profile angles for different reasons.  In this case I used a Desk Mount Pole with a 5/8″ screw thread at the top and leveraged a dual camera mount plate from Neewer to basically allow for 2 separate mount points left and right from the single mounting pole.

I have a Logitech BRIO and you could use the same webcam twice or you can mix it up and have a higher quality or lower quality camera or webcam for one camera angle or the other.  In the example I used my Brio and my Lumix Camera since I don’t have an actual DLSR yet that can live stream, I didn’t want buy two Brio webcams for this purpose.

You could however save some money and just use two eMeet Nova webcams which have very decent 1080p resolution and are at the low end of the webcam price range with excellent performance for the price.  Combine the webcam setup with somethink like the Dazzne D50 LED light panel and you get an excellent amount of lighting and coverage, you can probably figure the low end of such a setup is in the $200 range, with a high end really depending on the cost of your camera or webcam’s used for placement.

New dual webcam rig setup in the works:


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