Ukonnect Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

As you may have known if you follow this site we get a lot of Bluetooth speakers to review, there are just so many companies and so many brands that make Bluetooth speakers now that it is getting tougher to recommend one over another.  Ukonnect comes to us with something a tad different, a style of a small compact portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with a clip to hold it on your backpack or belt loop so that you can literally use it while riding, biking, mountain climbing…etc.



This little speaker packs a really decent amount of sound as well, as you can see in the video of it here:

Quick to pair and sounding pretty good, this speaker wins kudos for the backpack clip though, I just thought how cool would it be hiking and not having to have earbuds on, and instead maybe a pair or group of people all hike or climb to some music together instead of one person only having earbuds.  The other benefit is sometimes you don’t want to block out sound completely from your ears, sometimes you need to hear some environmental sound so maybe listening to a speaker is better than earbuds.


The Ukonnect Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker also has an attractive feature that it looks like a Mic, it produces sound from both sides not just one side which means you hear it from any direction as well.  At it’s price which is under $20 the sound is very good and the portability factor is a huge plus, it also is rainproof, dust proof and shock proof, so if you get caught hiking or out in the rain you have no problems, this is all a huge plus!

Other than that, this is definitely a recommended mini Bluetooth speaker and if you need a Bluetooth speaker for the outdoors that can just clip on your pant belt loop, backpack or other accessory, then the Ukonnect Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker is a solid product that doesn’t disappoint.

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