Why You should Buy a PC for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

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For many years, the PC has been the pinnacle for those who wanted to experience gaming at the highest possible level, and there are good reasons for this. The PC gives gamers a level of freedom and versatility which is simply unmatched by any console in existence, or any console that will likely ever exist. While the console certainly has some advantages, the PC continues to reign supreme for the most hardcore gamers.

  1. PCs offer Bleeding Edge Hardware

If you’re looking for the most powerful hardware for gaming, you’re not going to find it with a console. PCs have continued to dominate consoles for years in terms of raw processing power, graphics, and hard drive space. This is largely because the companies which design consoles are limited to using specific hardware, due to licensing restrictions, budget costs, and other issues. Consoles are also mass-produced, meaning each one comes with the same hardware while PCs come with an amazing variety of different devices.

When you buy a new PlayStation or Nintendo console, you must accept what hardware components come with it. With a PC, you can custom build it, selecting the exact processor, hard drive, and video card you want. Because consoles come with specific components which cannot be upgraded, you must wait until the next console is released.

Given the fact that new consoles are released roughly every 5 years, and the fact that Moore’s law dictates that processing power doubles every 24 months, it’s easy to see why PCs are always light years ahead of consoles.

  1. PCs offer Backwards Compatibility and the Largest Library of Games in Existence

Not only can the newest PCs play games like The Secret World (more info at TheSecretWorld.com), they can also play every PC game that has ever been released. If you want to play a PC game released in the 1980s or 1990s, no problem, it can be done. This is because PCs, regardless of age, use similar architecture and software which translate well. Developers can also design software which allows modern PCs to play older games, meaning when buying a gaming PC you’re given access to the largest library of games in the world.

By contrast, many consoles and smartphones are not backwards compatible, and cannot play games that came out 15 or 20 years ago even when these games were released by the same company. Additionally, PCs can “emulate” consoles, meaning that software can be developed which allows them to play console games. Regardless of how you feel about emulation, this shows you the true versatility of the PC.

  1. Desktop PCs are Free from the Heating Problems that Plague Laptops

Anyone who runs high-end games on laptops knows how hot they can get. One of my laptops got so hot that smoke came out of it and I had to replace it. Others have burned my skin. Laptops are also tedious to clean, and they collect dust over time which contributes to the heating issues. In the past, I’ve had to use big fans just to cool down my laptops while playing certain games.

By contrast, I’ve rarely had any problems with heat on gaming pcs, even when playing high end games, because PCs typically come in large cases with lots of space, which reduces heating problems and makes them simple to clean. Not only do desktop PCs tend to last longer than laptops, they are also much easier to upgrade.

  1. Desktop PCs are More Durable than Mobile Phones and Harder to Lose or Steal 

A friend of mine recently bought an iPhone, which set him back hundreds of dollars. A growing number of people are playing games on smartphones, and due to increasing processor power, these phones can play games with impressive graphics. Still, the only real advantage that smartphones have over PCs in terms of gaming is portability, and this portability means that they are also easier to steal, lose, or damage.

Desktop PCs continue to dominate the gaming market because they’re powerful, durable, free from heating issues, and can be custom fitted any way you like. Advances in technology will only enhance these features.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.