Unic UC46 Budget Projector Review

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It is a well known fact that when most people hear something about budget products from China, they are often skeptical and still today this is nothing unusual. But lately many products from China are having better and better quality while still having a lower price. One of these products is definitely a Wi-Fi projector called the Unic UC46 costing around $80 which is definitely cheap for such a projector when we know that the price may be 4 figures for a comparable one by a name brand. So stay here and find out more about this product.


From what I can see the packaging has all the usual stuff and in the box you will get the Wi-Fi projector, remote control, power cable, audio/video cable and how to manual. All items are very well protected from potential damage.

Design and build

The first thing I have noticed is size of the Unic UC46, because it is much smaller than our older projector and it weights only 1kg. So logically you can easily tranport it anywhere you want effortlessly. Besides that, it has a really nice design where the case is completely black in color with a graphite effect. The case is made of what appears to be good quality plastic. All ports like the USB ports are located on same side for ease of use. Overall I believe you will be satisfied with construction and design.

Software and features

The Unic UC46 has a noob friendly user interface which will be easy for all, including beginners. But from what I can see in reality you don’t need to edit any settings because 99% of pre-configured settings are already set for the most common use cases. When we talk about features I can say that the most important function is definitely Wi-Fi including USB ports. Thanks to Wi-Fi you can connect your smartphone to the projector and reproduce content from your phone like movies, pictures which are stored in phone memory.  You can also easily watch something from YouTube. It’s quite a cool function and also useful. As I said earlier the Unic UC46 has 2 x USB ports, one is designed for charging your phone so the projector can also function as charger. The other USB port is designed for USB flash drives or similar gadgets so in that way you can also watch movies from a flash drive or you can just display some educational content like presentations for your students. It supports a large number of movie standards including MKV.

Picture and audio quality

If you explore the market then you can see that some projectors can cost 4 figures or more and it is not easy to find a Wi-Fi projector for very low price with good quality. Therefore I think that  Unic UC46 is good choice as budget projector.  That being said, the native resolution for this projector is only 800×480 so this is not an HD projector by any means.



Because it only costs $80 and at the same time it offers good picture including sound. But it is very important to note that is very sensitive to light and is recommended to use it in very dark room.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.