Unusual But Awesome Ways People Use Drones

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have gone viral over the past couple of years. When drone use became more widespread, their uses revolved around filming and video production. However, nowadays, drones are used for different purposes. Many of these purposes might sound unusual, but smart at the same time for how they contribute to our daily life routine. There is no doubt that the uses of drones are unlimited, here are some of these unusual but awesome ways.

Delivery Services

Many people are using drones nowadays for delivery services. It all began when people saw laundry carried by a drone for delivery. After that, using drones for delivery became very common. However, the drone must have a GPS installed. In a review on the potensic t25 drone, it mentioned that the drone has an advanced GPS installed, which makes it easier to find locations as well as make the drone more stable. That is why drones with efficient GPS makes many people decide on using them for their delivery services. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly delivery service, unlike delivery cars or motorbikes that produce harmful emissions into the environment.


Drones can efficiently enhance the agricultural system. They are installed with many features that help them spray water and pesticides as well as perform other tasks. They can also detect diseases, analyze land stress, quality, and leaf respiration to improve the land’s health. Many landowners are switching to drones for better land health and crop results.

Medical Emergencies

Drones used for medical emergencies are known as Ambulance Drones. Many people do not know how to respond to any medical emergency happening around them. Luckily, Ambulance Drones save the day. What they typically do is that they arrive at the scene and indirectly aid the victim. The drone is designed with video, two-way audio communication ability, and an advanced first-aid kit. It simply guides any of those at the scene with the first-aid equipment and video demonstration until the real ambulance arrives.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning drones are life-saving. They are very handy for high-rise buildings where it is dangerous or difficult for people to clean. The window cleaning drones feature smart systems that help them automate washing the glass on the facades and rooftops. They can also operate at high altitudes, which makes them very efficient for all kinds of high-rise buildings.

Upgraded Selfies

A flying robot is a better photographer than a real one. Nowadays, people are using drones for selfies and call them “dronies” instead. The process is very similar to the normal selfie process. The person holds the controller in his or her hands as the drone hovers to the front to take the photo. What makes dronies awesome is how they can capture a bigger surrounding of the scene in the selfie.

Who would’ve thought that drones can be used for purposes other than filming or video making? Modern technology is becoming more versatile and intriguing to everyone. Nowadays, drones can be used to help people in their everyday tasks as well as save their lives if they are in danger. Not to mention that they can also be very entertaining with their cool “dronie” shots.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.