How to use Google Trends to Find New Material to Write About

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The different ways of publishing content, implies different ways to structure a text. There are a number of guidelines that can guide us when making decisions about what and how to write on a website. This will help you achieve your goals and thus, have a better reach to potential clients and/or users.

Today, everything is fast and direct, users do not read scanned pages, they give it a quick look until they find something that they think it can serve to meet their specific needs or task, and continue down that road. This is when Google trends can clearly help you.

Everyone has limited time and need quick answers. They need to identify each section right away. They need to immediately learn how to interact with the site (most are not seeking for innovative sites in the form of navigation), even images that adorn a site, should help give context to improve the understanding of the business the site, not just decorating. Some tips that will help you define the content of a website it is worth mentioning the following:


· Use Google Trends to write short paragraphs, no one stops to read long documents

· Texts that highlight important concepts or words <strong> to improve scannability.

· Start with the conclusions and highlight the most important points, then itemize and deepen.

· Use lists, tables, or structured text that allows easy identification of important elements.

· Use simple and direct language.

Besides the writing style, it is important to consider words. For example, if there are two words that represent the main concept we want to write or, more importantly, we want to sell, we can use Google Trends, a tool that allows us to see the search history comparatively words.

For instance, if we talk about mobile phone technology, or mobile phone, before making a decision, you review this in Google Trends comparison, and then decide in a realistic way. Identify how people seek the concept.

This strategy is even more important when deciding the words by which we want the search engines to index it, that is, the keywords and description metatags. In case you didn’t know, Meta tags are the way to deliver information to the search engines. Keywords are keywords that represent concepts for which we would like to be indexed, they will not be visible to users (unless you check the HTML ).

The description metatag seekers deliver a summary of the content of the site, which is usually shown to users as the site description in the search result. It is important to be concise and efficient to use. This is the code needed to be added in the head section of the HTML code.


Content Curation

Moreover, it may be good to become familiar with some tips for writing SEO content:

  • The first recommendation is certainly logic at the time of writing, as we do for people and not for search engines. We also have to take care and pamper the style and especially spelling, and please do not copy from anywhere; originality is not added value is a base without which there is no quality.
  • Use the Google AdWords Keywords Planner which replaced the former AdWords Keyword Tool to see what keywords can bring more quality traffic, and then we can use keywords in the content and the title itself (with a great value for the positioning). As stated, we can use Google Trends to make a comparison between two similar keywords to see which increased traffic reports.
  • Remember that the content is extensive also like to Google, and even before the length was not a factor too decisive and even said that the more attracted mini-posts , the truth is that we always write with minimal extension I usually set in 250 words but that will depend on the project and the subject.

Besides the freshness in updates, you can also acquire relevance for the Global Positioning. Therefore the more updates the better, but without lowering quality. To avoid mistakes, you should not prioritize the quantity for quality; we always try to find perfect equilibrium depending on the project and our possibilities.

As a last note in terms of content, remember using H1 and H2 headings and subheadings, bold, italics, etc. Make sure you do this without abusing and of course, naturally. You should not add keywords without the H1 and H2 but titles that provide value to the user, the same with the bold and italics, which are used to differentiate certain parts of the content by their relevance to the user.

Some tips for content writing thinking about Social Media:

  • The objective here is that your content becomes massively shared in different social networks, so the recommendation is undoubtedly based, high-value content writing, always.
  • Integrate attractive elements that make the text and give a reading lighter, pictures, videos, etc.

There are types of items people like more than others and therefore they become viral, but their use should not be too massive, or else, they may get tired and lose the desired effect. Good news is, you can take a look at Google trends, make use of its tools and combine them with other techniques. For example on WordPress, 10 SEO plugins must be installed to achieve positive effects.

Finish contents inciting users to proceed with an action. This is a great way to enhance your online visibility. Allow them to share it directly, you can do it in different ways: if you provide them with an option to comment on the page, or end with a creative conversation question, this is a good approach: what do you think of?

To conclude with recommendations and although not directly related to content writing, you can integrate the buttons to share on social networks and the ability to comment on the Facebook page through such method.

It is no news that Google trends can work great, especially when combined with other online tactics. What is the structure that should be followed? In terms of content, there is no secret. Just because your client can be an expert on the subject does not mean that the wording should be commensurate with that level. Walk your talk and find a special voice.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.