Using A Bluetooth Headphone For VoIP Calls

As we all know internet is a network which has different types of components in it. The greatest advantage of VoIP phone service is that it uses internet lines for communication. So we have the luxury with VoIP that we can mix and match components and derive a solution that matches our needs. Wireless headset is the best example for this. Each and every one of us is familiar with wireless headset and have used it at least for a few times. As we all know if we want the wireless headset to work with our phone, the phone set should have Bluetooth support.

If you have software like X-Lite or Skype installed on your PC or iphone appropriately, you have many options to use the VoIP service (by the way you should have subscribed with some VoIP provider also besides installing the software). Subscribing with a VoIP provider is quite easy. Just visit vonage, Axvoice or magic jack site and you will get the details.

imageNow coming to the point if you want to use a wireless headset with the computer what to do. Many computers support Bluetooth now a day, however, if your computer does not support it, you have to buy a Bluetooth adapter, which will enable your computer to communicate with the Bluetooth devices. Most of the times this Bluetooth adapter is plugged into your USB port. A blinking light after plugging the adapter indicates that it is ready to work. If windows does not install its drivers automatically, you will have to install its drivers as instructed by the manufacturer.

Follow the instructions for installation carefully. These instructions will finally lead you to the point where you will have the device finally connected. Then go to your audio properties either from control panel or by double clicking the speaker on the task bar of your desktop. If your computer has an OS like Unix or Linux, the instructions will not be the same as in Windows.

As most of the mobiles already have Bluetooth, so it is not very difficult to set up Bluetooth on them. All you need is to make the Bluetooth option on. Most of the phones have Bluetooth and they are able to communicate with other Bluetooth devices. Mobiles automatically scan and find the devices around.

If you have followed all the instructions appropriately, you should be making calls with your wireless headset. It is more useful for the PC users as you can make calls while cleaning your wardrobe or doing some other chores. However, this is possible only within the range of Bluetooth devices. If you want to increase the area, you will have to depend on wi-fi technology.

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This guest post has been written by Mimran who works for Axvoice Internet Phone Service Provider. Axvoice is one of the best VoIP Service Provider in USA and Canada.

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