Using a Slot Spinwheel for Streaming: A Fun Take on Decision Making for Streams

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When it comes to streaming on Twitch or really any other major live streaming service, you want to try and find as many ways as you can to help make your stream a lot more unique and fun. Streamlabs already does a great job of this by providing various alerts whenever a donation happens or when a viewer decides to subscribe to your channel. One great thing about Streamlabs is it also provides various other options and means by which you can make your stream a lot more unique. One option I want to talk about here is the Streamlabs Spinwheel. The Streamlabs Spinwheel allows for making your channel a lot more fun when it comes to a various number of means. Not sure what game you want to play next on your stream? One idea would be to give your chat the ability to throw out some games and then put say, the top 10 on your Spinwheel and then give the wheel a spin and let luck decide.

The Streamlabs Spinwheel

Another great use for the Spinwheel is being able to use it as a means for doing giveaways on your channel. For instance, you could hold a contest to see who has been in your chat the longest and the Top 10 users in your chat each get a spot on the wheel with whomever the wheel lands on gets a prize. Even better, you could use the wheel as a means to gift subs to people in your chat and letting a spin of the wheel decide. The slot machine like spin wheel is a very natural and fair way to randomize any of your contests, giveaways or decisions that you want to make on your channel plus it also makes it a lot more fun and interesting.  It incorporates many appealing features that you would find in recommended slot sites in terms of offering rewards and the seemingly random chance to win prizes.

The Slot like Spinwheel also gives you the ability to customize the colors of the wheel to your liking as well as deciding what font to use for each choice on the wheel. The wheel does a lot of great things for your channel such as:

Gamify Your Channel

Randomly select viewer rewards, in-game choices, or anything else you’d like to leave up to chance.

Improve Audience Interaction

Incentivize passive viewers to participate in your live stream and interact with you.

More Hype, More Fun

Utilize fun tools for giveaways and generate more hype from your audience.


Choose different giveaway categories, colors, text and more.

Setting up a Spinwheel on Streamlabs is very easy. All you have to do is follow these steps and you will be up and running in no time.

1. Download Streamlabs OBS

Start by downloading Streamlabs OBS to begin using all of the widgets and features Streamlabs has to offer.

2. Customize Your Settings

Open Streamlabs OBS and find ‘Spin Wheel’ from your dashboard under ‘Widgets’. Customize your settings and then click save.

3. Enable Spin Wheel And Save

Click on the sources tab in Streamlabs OBS editor, click on ‘Spin Wheel’ and add the source.

That’s all there is to it. The Spinwheel is going to make your channel a lot more interesting and fun by giving your viewers a lot more in the way of interaction as well as making random decisions to make on your channel a lot easier. I myself have used the Spinwheel as a way to make giveaways a lot more randomized and overall making my giveaways a lot fairer. You’re not able to change the speed of the wheel or set it to stop at a certain place so that way your chat cannot claim that you rigged the giveaway by only having it stop on certain places at certain times making all of your giveaways and contests completely fair for everyone.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.