Using Pokki to Add Start Button to Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 for quite a while now but without a touch screen monitor it makes it difficult to really like the Windows 8 start screen and I did find myself missing the Windows 7 start button.  There are some tools online including freeware and paid applications that add a Windows 7 start menu to Windows 8 but Pokki so far is my favorite application for adding a Windows start menu to Windows 8 and it is freeware!

The first thing you want to do is download Pokki now.

Then you can watch this video tutorial on Pokki, or read details below.

Pokki places a start button at the bottom left of your Windows 8 taskbar by default. The default symbol is the Pokki acorn, but you can change to Windows logo with the settings if it bothers you.


When you click on the Pokki Windows 8 start menu button you will see a list of folders/options to the left bar and your favorites on your right.  You can search and click the * button next to the application to add it as a new favorite so that it shows up as a quick launch button in the Windows start menu Pokki button.


When you click on the little triangle pointed down in top right of Pokki menu you will get to the settings option.  In the Pokki settings you can arrange what options you want to see in the Windows 8 start button sidebar as well as theme color, whether to list popular apps in the app store, show web results when you search….etc.  You can also choose where notification banners appear, whether you want Pokki start button to appear in the left or right of the taskbar and my favorite feature is that you can set it so that when your Windows 8 computer restarts it will restart directly to desktop without seeing the Windows 8 start screen.

Pokki makes it so you virtually never have to look at your Windows 8 start screen again unless you want to.  You can do everything you need to do from your new Pokki Windows 8 start button which has even more functionality and flexibility than the default Windows 7 start button did.

If you are looking to add the Windows start button back to Windows 8 then look no further than Pokki which is a fantastic freeware that will make the Windows 8 start screen go away.

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