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Our partners over at UtechSmart have a few deals on some of their best selling PC accessories I wanted to share with the fans.  These include getting a fantastic mechanical keyboard for under $50 as well as other PC accessories.

UtechSmart Mercury Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – $44.99 with Coupon Code DRAGON99 at checkout



Once you use an UtechSmart Mercury Full Color RGB Backlit Illiminated mechanical keyboard, you’ll never want to go back to a regular keyboard again. Whether you’re gaming under low-light, or no light, individually backlit keys ensure you never misclick – after all, it could very well be the difference between victory and death.

Versatile Lighting Effects (6 Modes)

Multicolor per-key backlighting for virtually unlimited game customization, check out the Quick Start Guide for those 6 modes of incomparable lighting enjoyment.

Multimedia Keys:

FN+F1 Media Player
FN+F2 Volume –
FN+F3 Volume +
FN+F4 Mute
FN+F5 Stop
FN+F6 Pre Track
FN+F7 Play/Pause
FN+F8 Next Track
FN+F9 E-mail
FN+F10 Home
FN+F11 Calculator
FN+F12 Search

Package Contents

UtechSmart Mercury Mechanical Keyboard Quick Start Guide

System Requirements



UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse – $27.99 with Coupon Code Y3LNKYEB at checkout



What’s new?

1) the LED color of scroll wheel can be programmed by driver software.
2) material upgraded to be frosted finish.
3) Multi-language driver software.
4) Stronger international package.


The UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse is outfitted with 16400DPI High Precision Laser Sensor that shifts the balance between the keyboard and mouse with its 19 MMO-optimized buttons, as well as 5 Savable Memory Profiles & 8-Piece Weight Tuning Set.

19 MMO-optimized buttons

Combine the programmable buttons with standard left and right mouse buttons and it all adds up to 19 buttons with which you can punish your competition. The UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming mouse’s driver software allows you to easily organize your key binds and character abilities for any game by enabling you to fully remap and assign macros to all 19 buttons.

16400 DPI Laser Sensor

Make the right moves with up to 5 DPI settings that take you from pixel-precise targeting (50 DPI) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 16400 DPI). Easy to reach DPI+ & DPI- buttons on the middle of the UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming mouse. Five colors light will show you the change of DPI, can’t remember? DPI indicator light is available.

Weight and balance tuning

Like it light or heavy? Maybe you change the weight to suit your game? Custom Weight System to match your unique playing style. Optimize weight and center of balance with up to Eight 2.4g weights for a personalized feel and better performance.

Package Contents

UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming mouse
CD Driver
Weight Tuning Cartridge
Quick Start Guide
Backup Durable Smooth TEFLON feet pads

System Requirements

Windows 10 / 8/ 7 / Vista / XP.
USB port
Internet connection for software download at UtechSmart

UtechSmart Mouse Mat – $4.99 with Coupon Code W2KK8MAU at checkout

UtechSmart Gaming Mouse Pad Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision during gaming, office, and professional work, Soft cloth surface improves wrist comfort. Rubber base keeps the pad in place during high-intensity gaming.
Strong, flexible construction: Made of durable materials that easily roll up for transport.
Equipped it with UtechSmart Gaming Weapons: Venus MMO Gaming Mouse, Jupiter High Precision Gaming Mouse, Mars Colorful Optical Gaming Mouse, Pluto High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse, Neptune 7-Color Light Cycle High Precision Gaming Mouse, Uranus Metal Base M5MO/FPS High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse
UtechSmart Gaming Mouse Pad Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision during gaming, office, and professional work, Soft cloth surface improves wrist comfort.
Rubber base keeps the pad in place during high-intensity gaming
High Quality Precision Surging Process on the edge Extends Pad Durability
Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces. Soft cloth surface improves wrist comfort.
Pad size: 320 × 270 × 5mm / 12.6 × 10.6 × 0.2in.

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