UtechSmart Saturn Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

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So I had a whole two weeks of using the UtechSmart Saturn MMO Gaming Keyboard exclusively and I have to say I am quite used to it and can type really well.  The keys are extremely responsive and I enjoy the resounding click and clack with each key feeling as if it were a mechanical keyboard even though they keyboard is not true mechanical.

Here is an Unboxing and Initial Thoughts of the UtechSmart Saturn Keyboard

As I got to use the keyboard more I learned that the 19 Non-Conflict keys really do help, especially when most of those keys are on the left side of the keyboard where you may have to hold one or more keys down for movement, like WF for forward and left while pressing other keys like crazy in MMO games.  I had no trouble at all and the keys were all amazingly sharp and tight.

You can see from my typing test and review that I got fast quick with the keyboard, and this write up is another week after this 2nd video was recorded.

So if you look at the keyboard the things to notice off the bat are the fact that it has a dial at top center which controls the brightness of the backlit keys, there are several different color options to choose from and you would hold FN (left of space bar and left ALT) plus the light button (right of the Windows Key) to change the colors, and “breathing rate” of the colors.

saturn keyboard (1) What you do is press the FN + Light key when you want to pause it at the color you want to keep the backlit keys at.  Or if it is already solid at a single color, pressing will cause it to start cycling through all the colors until you reach the color you want, or just leave it cycling colors.  The dial at the top center of the keyboard stays blue at all times.

saturn keyboard (3)

The FN key next to the left CTRL button also is used to with your F1 to F12 keys as alternate functions.  But you have some other special functions included in the manual that comes with the keyboard.

These include Locking the Windows key, changing the poll rate of keypresses, so that when you hold a key down, it will repeat it repeatedly or stagger how frequently the key repeats the press while holding it down.  The FN key is the most frequently used key on your keyboard if you mute/unmute change collors or use it to call open applications.

saturn keyboard (4)
While I myself found the lack of a Windows key on the left side to be a bit annoying, this may not bug everyone. I do happen to hit Windows+E or Windows+D many times a day, and having to use my right hand to hit the Windows key came unnaturally to me and took retraining.  I also wish the enter key were slightly larger horizontally but this is minor and only affected my touch typing early on.  I was able to build up much more speed after 2 weeks, and my initial typing tests in the video above showed 89-91 Words Per Minute, but by 2 weeks with this keyboard, here was my most recent typing test.

image Oh, did I mention this gaming keyboard also has 4 drainage port holes so if you accidentally spill on the keyboard the liquid will drain through the holes reducing the chances of damaging the keyboard?  I wasn’t willing to pour liquid over the keys to test it, so this is just an incase you need it function.

My honest feedback is that I think the UtechSmart Saturn MMO Gaming keyboard is an incredible keyboard for being near mechanical and that you get a keyboard this good that is also a backlit keyboard with multiple color choices for under $30 just makes it a MUST RECOMMEND.  The only thing I would say about the product is that it could use a few undefined MACRO buttons that you could program entire strings of actions to, that would be about the only improvement you could make on it.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.