Vicseed Mobile Phone Tripod Stand Review

I have used your typical tripod’s for DSLR’s and cameras but I needed something practical for indoors and in smaller rooms than the large footprint a traditional tripod takes up.  I also needed one that was ideal for cell phones as with cell phones now being able to take incredible video and photo’s most recordings and pics can be done on the latest cell phone models.  This means that the tripod should have a few different options for the head part and a clamp that can support various cell phone styles and dimensions is preferred.  Vicseed contacted me asking if I wanted to review their mobile phone tripod and I was more than happy to test it with my current equipment setup.

Here is my full review of the Vicseed Mobile Phone Tripod

One thing I really liked about this tripod is the smaller footprint which allows you to use it indoors next to a table or a desk and not worry about it hogging up floor space or blocking a walkway.

This tripod base however has no independent adjustments for each leg so this means it only works well on relatively flat surfaces, it is not going to be an outdoor tripod you can use on a hike trail with uneven ground.  It is mean’t for flat floors and stationary usage.  The clamp design head in the tripod was well designed and has added room to include phones even with thicker armored cases.  I was able to fit my iPhone XR with an Otterbox Defender case which has thick rubber bumpers into the Vicseed tripod head mount point.

I found that the height adjustments let it be far shorter and taller than my normal Tripod.  It could go on a tabletop though was a tad tall but functional.  It could also extend to be a full 60″ high as well.  The various height adjustment make it well suited for my purposes which was to cover photographing and viewing products on various surfaces or to have a tripod with a camera or phone behind me while I was at my computer desk streaming or vlogging for example.

It was faster to extend and setup than a traditional tripod, but I will say it was a bit tricky folding the feet back down as all 3 feet fold together, but it takes a little strength and pushing in the right area to get it to start folding back down.  The very solid metal construction and tightening knobs at the various extension points were all very well designed and make it a solid product. Overall I was very impressed with the Vicseed Tripod and it will be my main go to indoor tripod going forward for all product reviews and vlogging needs where I need to use my tripod instead of my wall mounted webcam.





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