Video Editing Tips To Create Short & Impactful Content

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Remember the last time you sought a solution to your query by referring to a video? DIY, tech tips, and product reviews are some of the popular forms of video that you must have interacted with. The ever-increasing use of social media in recent times has brought forth a plethora of content, with the video being the easiest to consume. Although selecting the best video may seem easy for the user, but for a creator, getting their videos to rank higher up in the list would require them to have some basic video editing tricks up their sleeves. 

Let’s read more to understand this in detail.

Follow a Storyline

Any content with a structured form is widely accepted. An effective video follows a definite structure: Introduction – Body – Conclusion – Call-to-Action. This pattern is to be followed to create an impactful video. You can use Animaker’s video editor to design appealing content for your audience.

Captivating Introduction

Most viewers tend to lose out interest in the video if they can’t relate to it. Hence, a video should have a crisp and to-the-point introduction. Depending on the type of video, it could also have a background. Short-form videos have a lot of information needs to be bundled in a shorter duration. Some of the recommended run-times on various platforms are as follows:

Social Media Platform Recommended Duration
Instagram 15-60 secs
Facebook (Instream) 5-15 secs
Facebook (Standalone) <15 secs
YouTube 5 secs – 2 min

InVideo’s Instagram video editor can be used to produce enthralling videos from the wide array of stunning templates available on the platform. 

Eye-catching Thumbnail

Your video can be interesting right from the start when you create a video online using InVideo’s movie maker. You should note that the thumbnail is the first thing your viewer will see. Hence, if your thumbnail isn’t great, the video is likely to go unnoticed. 

 Boost the Quality of Content

InVideo’s video maker renders quality output to be shared across your social media platforms. The audio and visual quality matter when the overall content is kept short and crisp. Instead of text, you can add captivating infographics as they stand out and provide better visual cues. Short videos aren’t much of a hassle to produce considering the simplicity and ease of using InVideo’s video making platform. 

Call to Action

Call to action is one of the primary video editing tricks that most creators miss out on. After a catchy thumbnail, the last piece of information that a viewer remembers is the tail-end of the video. The call to action should be such that the business can direct the viewer and achieve its marketing strategy.

Keeping the above-mentioned video editing tips in mind, one can create short-form videos while inferring from the cheat sheet below:

– Ideate: Brainstorm your ideas to check feasibility and acceptance

– Plan: You should have a plan of action in the pipeline for effective video production

– Record: Focusing on the quality while recording a video is a cherry on the cake

– Edit: Using InVideo’s video editor, you can edit your videos as per the market appeal 

– Share: Sharing your video is important to make it reach out to the masses. InVideo gives you direct links to share your content on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

Always remember that short content has a more powerful impact than long-form as a bigger volume of content runs the risk of reduced attention span. 

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.