Viivant Mobile USB Charger Gives You 2 Chargers in One

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For those of you who don’t know what a USB Charger is, they are also known as External Battery,  Battery Pack, Portable Battery, USB External Charger, Power Pack, Portable Charger, Charger Pack and any combinations of the words External, Charger, Battery and Pack.  What these products are are simply portable batteries that are used to charge your USB electronics when you can’t get to an AC outlet and there are some major differences between brands in style, feel, indicators and the Amp/Voltage output of the USB ports, but generally they all serve the same function.

So keeping that we have over a dozen external battery reviews here on it takes something that stands out to make us recommend one external battery over another, and in the case of the Viivant Mobile USB charger one of the positives is the fact they give you 2 battery packs for the price of one, albeit the price is in line as if you bought both battery packs separately.

Unboxing the Viivant Battery and Lipstick Battery

So one of the benefits of a two charging port battery pack is that you can charge two devices at the same time, but the total output of this device says is 2.1A but I think that is a misprint in the Amazon label.  It can’t output 4.2A since it is unable to charge 2 tablets at the same time, but it can charge an iPad and an iPhone or any combination of tablet and smartphone at the same time, so I think the total output is somewhere in the 3.2A total range for both ports being used at the same time.

It does have a 2A input so it charges quickly and this battery pack at 13,000mAh is more than sufficient to keep your smartphone charged multiple times, I actually took this battery with me to the hospital for 6 hour when my wife was in the ER so kept it keeping my iPhone, iPad and her iPhone charged (alternating plugging the devices) the entire time with ease and without any of the devices suffering any considerable battery drain.  The lipstick battery that comes with it, is ideal for travel, it fits in the pocket and stores enough charge to keep an average smartphone fully charged an additional 6-8 hours or more.

The Viivant portable battery does a fine job keeping tablets and a smartphone charged and recharges very quickly, I had it back to full charge in less than 2 hours after it was completely drained with an AC outlet.  So I can tell you the battery will more than suffice for your 1 tablet and 1 smartphone charging needs.  But the lack of 4.4A output or at least 4.2A output means it won’t charge 2 tablets at the same time, so if you needed something that can charge 2 Kindle Fire HDX, or 2 iPads at the same time, this charger isn’t going to accomplish this.  This is an area of improvement for the product, increase power output as many families are multi-family households and 1 battery charging 2 tablets in the back seat of a car is a preferable solution.  Overall though, the product was nice, has a decent grip (is fairly thick) and comparable to other products.  Again it is priced higher than some 13,000mAh batteries but it comes with a lipstick charger so you are getting a deal with 2 chargers in one.

The Viivant 13000mAh External Battery charger comes with a perfectly capable lipstick charger which makes this combo pack a 4 star package in my opinion.  The only thing that prevents me from giving it a 5 star rating is that it can’t charge 2 tablets at the same time and some other external chargers in this price class can.  But getting the 2nd lipstick charger is definitely a bonus and you get 2 chargers for one, if you don’t need both chargers, you can give the lipstick charger to a friend or family member.  Or better yet, the lipstick charger is ideal to put with your kid’s backpack to make sure their cell phone always can be charged when they forget to charge it all night at home like my kids always forget to do!

Disclaimer: Viivant provided us with an External Battery Charger pack which came with lipstick charger to review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.