Vintage Items That Are Making a Comeback

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History repeating itself not just applies to significant events. They are also applicable to items, fashion, architectural designs and many more. Vintage items are not only prized because of their rarity and historical value, they are also credited for influencing our modern and technologically advanced items. Still amazingly, there is a growing trend of resurgence of some of our beloved vintage items. We’ll explore some of them as we go along.

Vinyl Records

Let’s face it. We have this natural inclination for music even if not all of us are gifted with the natural talent for singing or playing musical instruments. We love listening to music and we hum or sing along to our favorite tunes. There are many reasons why vinyl records are making a comeback in the music scene. One of which is better sound quality. Those of us who have an acute sense musical distinction can tell that vinyl records sound better than digital ones. Another reason is aesthetic appeal. Having a shelf space dedicated to your collection of vinyl records and holding a large vinyl record in your hands can be a fulfilling experience. In addition, you’ll love seeing large scale cover art and gatefold graphics along with your record covers.

Classic Turntable

Your musical vintage item collection will not be complete without a record player or turntable to play your vinyl records on. These predecessors to the modern DJ turntable can bring out a more organic music that is as close in quality as the original studio recording. Even music lovers from the millennial generation agree that vinyl record sound quality sounds better than digital ones especially when played on a decent record player and quality speakers. It’s no wonder why the classic turntable or record player sales are increasing along with vinyl record sales.

Classic Jukebox

No, this is not the digital variety that you see in some pubs and restaurants. These are the old-fashioned jukeboxes that have real records inside. Classic jukeboxes are making a comeback in many dining establishments around the world, which brings back the atmosphere of good music, simplicity and great dining experience.


Instant Cameras

More dearly known as Polaroid camera due to Polaroid Corporation pioneering and patenting instant cameras and film during the 1940s. It became widely popular within the next few decades until the introduction of the digital camera in the 1970s where its sales declined and further went down until the invention of camera phones at the turn of the millennium. However, after a few decades of digital photos being the norm, the instant camera is once again bringing out the nostalgia of keepsakes, memorable candid shots and is doing away with the obsession of capturing the perfect shot. More importantly, instant cameras bring about our love for tangible memories.

Cozy Sofas

While minimalism seems to have been the norm of the decade, plush sofas are making a comeback in our modern homes. Sofas with back support as Lawson sofas and those with velvet and tufted designs are proving to be more comfortable additions to our modern homes. They bring back the atmosphere of relaxation, good conversations and warmth.

Some vintage items have timeless appeal that can span across generations. It’s not surprising to see millennials preferring vintage items over some digital or modern items. In an age where information and artificiality are everyday occurrences, we sometimes find relief and yearning for items that are tangible and aesthetically pleasing – something we can find in vintage items.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.