VIVO TV Floor Stand Review

Recently I had a need for a TV Stand that was relatively portable and could fit my 32″ Samsung TV and I decided to give the VIVO TV Floor Stand a try.  So ordered it on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy and stable the base is while it allows you to put a TV virtually anywhere you need without needing a piece of furniture to stand it on.

I started assembly which took under 15 minutes overall, there isn’t much to this stand with only a few parts.

The base is the heaviest part and it does it’s job of preventing you from accidentally tipping the TV over, but note this TV stand is for 13″ to 42″ TV’s only and larger TV’s could make it unstable and prone to falling even if they fit the VESA mount.

The thing that may cause some delay is when mounting the backplate on your TV, this VIVO stand comes with extension arms to fit in case the standard 100mm VESA dimensions aren’t followed in some older TV models and without these extension arms I would not have been able to mount my Samsung TV to this thing.


Notice that they also raise and lift the backplate a bit with the arms.

So this was the only part that added a little delay during assembly as you have to screw in each arm separately then make some adjustments.

Once it is in you snap the TV onto the stand pole and you are good to go.,


The back of the TV on the Pole is a knob you can turn to make your TV tilt.

Be careful with this as you can pinch your finger and there is no resistance, so the moment you loosen this knob the TV will immediately go flat.  The tilt really is 90 vertical (TV face forward) or TV tilt upward, there is no ability to tilt the TV down, like down at a bed, instead you have to lower the TV on the pole.

There are a number of vertical positions to help get the TV at the height level you want it.  My dog was so excited by me assembling this TV he even wanted to watch it with me.

So showing how it looks when it is fully setup and I tested it with my Dish receiver, you can see the Samsung TV and Dish powering up on the VISO TV Stand.

Overall the product makes a good option for a more stable yet portable TV Stand solution.  VISO does make stands on wheels for more extreme portability, this makes an excellent stand for putting a TV in the garage, on a back patio, in a kitchen….etc.

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