VLC for Windows 8 and Crowdfunding for Software Upgrades or Redesigns

When browsing to see what Kickstarter projects were floated around and reached full funding it was curious when I saw that VLC had a fully funded Kickstarter Project to create a true VLC for Windows 8 integrated app so users can open media files quickly and easily from the Windows 8 start screen.

vlc for windows 8

VLC Viewer is a very popular and arguably one of the best media viewers for Windows and Linux that allows you to view almost any media type and play it regardless of file type.  I use it for all my media images, and even for playback of my Camtasia Studio files to play them after they are created and make sure they run properly before uploading them to YouTube.

This is just the first software company that I saw leverage the Kickstarter platform to gain funding to write an upgrade, it is a very creative idea and basically their raised funding allows them to produce an updated version of the software that will likely be free to download to the masses.  The had very creative ways of offering rewards for the higher sponsors as well, this included higher paying sponsors getting text links or even banner ads on the VLC main website which pointed to their product or brand.  They probably gained this at a fraction of the cost had they actually attempted to purchase that banner ad directly.

1 month banner ad on VLC main website for $1,200 dollars seems like a fantastic deal alone considering how many impressions that banner would get if you have the capital.

I think this is a fantastic way for OpenSource projects and companies that make freeware creatively come up with funding so they can pay the staff necessary to make it happen.  This is very creative and I won’t be surprised if at some point websites or even large blog sites start crowdsourcing projects to redesign site theme/template and raise funding by offering banners, links, credits, announcements…etc.

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