Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube easily

YTYouTube is the place most people (about a billion) including me head over to view videos today, whether it’s an educational video, a review, un-boxing, or anything else for that matter. YouTube hosts numerous videos and some of them are age restricted for some reason or the other and one of the biggest annoys for me is having to sign-in to be able to watch such video(s). No matter the reason for it’s restriction, you’ll have to sign-in and confirm your age.  Not looking for this specifically but a youtube mp3 converter option instead?

While this is a good measure, sometimes I don’t want to sign-in for a reason. Often I am at college, or on someone else’s device, etc. If you too happen to stumble across such age restricted video(s), you can either sign-in or bypass it using any of the two nifty tricks below.

Modifying the URL

Just go to the video you want to view and look at the URL of the same. Now, just find the watch? and remove it and also replace the it with and the new link will take you directly to the video bypassing the age confirmation thing. However, the video will play in full width in your browser window without rest of the YouTube site and you’ll not be able to view the comments too.

For example, a video with the URL would change to .

Heading over to another site to view the Video

Alternatively, you can use another site to view the video instead. For this, you just have to type in nsfw before the and you will be redirected to a different site to play the video.

For example, the URL would change to

This method is a bit more handy but takes you to a different site.

It is worth noting that this will not work for videos that have disallowed embedding on external sites.

Also, if you just want to download a YouTube video so you can listen to it, you can use a yt to mp3 converter and create offline youtube video sound files that you can listen to whenever you want.


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