WD #MyCloud EX2 4TB Network Storage Solution Giveaway

Okay so WD stands for Western Digital though the brand prefers to have their products and social media just calling them WD which I found to be interesting, but makes it so you can fit more content in a Tweet when you abbreviate the company name. We have partnered with Western Digital as I have been telling readers and are busy working on the review of the WD MyCloud EX4100 NAS drive which James is currently working on the review. But we didn’t want to wait until the review was completed to launch the giveaway as we had a finite window for the giveaway and wanted to give more readers a chance to see the giveaway and sign up and have extra time to complete those entries so they could increase their odds of winning. So this is your chance to enter to win the WD MyCloud EX2 NAS Solution which comes with 4TB drive space. This is 4TB of network attached storage which you can use as a full home backup solution or simply a way to keep all your media or large files in one centralized location. This solution is basically give you your own personal cloud storage solution and this is an excellent product.

Enter to Win the WD MyCloud EX2

WD MyCloud EX2 Giveaway

With the WD MyCloud EX2 itself you are getting options for home storage and you can feel free to swap out the drives for larger drives later if you need to.  The MyCloud EX2 supports Multiple drive management options, including RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD and spanning.  It allows access to the files from any device and anywhere with the My Cloud desktop and mobile apps that you can install as well as has an advanced software suite including FTP and P2P torrent servers, WordPress, Transmission and many others. Read more about the WD MyCloud EX 2.

This is the ultimate storage solution so make sure you enter and do as many entries as possible.

Note on Giveaway Rules: This is a heavy product to ship and Western Digital will only ship to a U.S. resident, however I am opening this giveaway worldwide.  If you live outside the U.S. and want to win this drive, I will accept the shipping of the product, then turn around and ship it to you if it is International and this is how I am opening up this giveaway worldwide.  You will only be responsible for covering the shipping costs if you win and live Outside the US, which given that the product is $349.99 on retail the shipping costs should still be far less than the purchase price of the full retail product.


Can’t wait, pick up the WD MyCloud EX2 Today!

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