How to Leverage Interact Quizzes for Email Lead Generation

I will be the first to admit that I really haven’t tested out quizzes at all for email lead generation or audience engagement over the past several years of blogging other than an occasional poll to see what product a user wants to see me giveaway next.


So when Interact contacted me to test out and showcase their quiz builder and interaction tool for sites to help engage readers and add entertainment as well as potential email lead generation I was curious to see how it all worked.

Here is the quiz I chose, and I thought it was relevant to my audience based on how well do you really know the iPhone 5S.  Go ahead and take the interactive quiz and let me know what you think of it?

Powered by Interact

Interact has hundreds of pre-built quizzes so you can just sign up and get started right away with adding a fun element to your site and engaging your audience to participate and have some fun. You can also build a custom quiz and these quizzes are designed to be fun games not polls, so each answer gets a weighted amount of points, and the points in the end would determine something for the reader. Keep this in mind when designing quizzes, you simply can’t ask questions without giving weights and providing an answer/summary to the user based on their answer types.

When building a quiz you are first asked to create your quiz and give it a name.  As an example I chose something fun like “What Kind of Operating System Do You Most Resemble”


You then create a series of questions that you want to ask the reader and assign points to the questions, these questions should all fit so that when the point scale adds up a certain value can be defined as the answer after all points are totaled for the participant.

imageSo an example would be 50 points for all the questions may be Android Operating System because it is untamed, open, and has more risks and potential exposure than other Operating Systems for example.

After a reader takes the quiz, they are asked to enter their email to see the results and they are notified they will be signing up for your mailing list or newsletter and can opt out at anytime.  They also have the option of skipping this step.


If they skip the step they will still see the results and total points of the quiz they just took, so they aren’t held hostage to sign up to see the results of the quiz but it encourages them to sign up.

Did you take the iPhone 5S quiz, what did you think of Interact and what do you think about quiz games for adding reader interaction on your blog or site? I see many sites do it, so assume it is quite popular.

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