What are the Best Car Speakers for Music Lovers

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Car beside providing you easy commuting from one place to another is also a great space to enjoy your favorite music, but the worst nightmare for any music lover would be a car with below average speakers. Speakers give clarity to the audio files and no matter how many excellent subwoofers you have installed, if the speakers aren’t up to the mark, all your enjoyment will go down the drain.

Factory-made car speakers are usually quite mediocre and not ideal at all for great music experience; therefore you should consider aftermarket car speakers to enhance your music experience. Here’s a guide about vital car speaker features which you should look out for in your aftermarket speakers.

Types of Speakers:

Playing music on your gadgets is quite easy nowadays, as with help of several applications, you can play high definition music files but in the car, you can’t take help from applications and all you require is a premium set of speakers to enjoy high-quality music. Car speakers usually fall into two categories:

Full-Range Speakers:

Full range car speakers are an all-in-one package; they are simple and have all the essential speaker components together. They usually consist of a subwoofer and a tweeter which is mounted to the woofer. Woofer aids in the low sounds, while tweeter produces the highs. Some latest models are equipped with drivers like midrange and super-tweeter.

Full-range speakers aren’t an ideal option for music lovers; they’ll just upgrade your existing factory-speakers but may not enhance the entire music listening experience. They are a simple, no-fuss replacement option for factory speakers and are available in various sizes and price ranges to accommodate all types of user.

Component Speakers:

Consider component speakers if you really want to enjoy the best sound and music experience. They are equipped with better speaker design and the component system incorporates separate tweeters, subwoofers, and external crossovers; they all work cooperatively with each other to produce high-quality sound.

Unlike full-range speakers, tweeters here aren’t mounted above the subwoofers and therefore they should be mounted separately at a position where they provide the best imaging. These components will add more depth and liveliness to the music and it will sound more realistic.

External crossovers in component speakers are separate from subwoofers and tweeters and efficiently separate the frequencies sent by subwoofers and tweeters; thus producing cleaner sound. This whole component system of these speakers provides superlative realistic sound to the listener.

Check out the best car speakers review; they’ll aid you to determine which speakers, component or full-range, are in line with your requirements and taste.


How much sound speakers will produce from the power applied to them determines the sensitivity of the car speaker. For low-powered car stereos (15 or fewer watts RMS/channel), speakers with high-sensitivity ratings (more than 90dB) make the best match whereas high-powered stereos (16 or more watts RMS) work best with lower-sensitivity speakers.

Factory installed car stereos are usually low-powered so pair them up with speakers having higher sensitivity ratings for excellent quality of sound. Whereas if you’ve installed aftermarket stereo or have an external amplifier at your disposal, then lower-sensitivity speakers will work fine for you.


Power handling is basically the speakers’ capacity to handle power (in watts). Speakers if are paired with the low-powered system then they won’t be required to handle a lot of power but if you have installed a powerful system with powerful external amps, then equally potent speakers will be required that can effectively handle the output of the amplifiers.

RMS ratings determine the power of the speakers; instead of peak power handling, look out for the maximum RMS power-handling, these will give a realistic estimation of how much power speakers will constantly handle. For low powered car stereo systems, a “2-50 watts RMS” rated system is a perfect choice.

Speaker Materials:

Speaker materials determine the sound quality and durability of speakers to a greater extent.

Subwoofers: Ideal material for subwoofers is some lightweight yet stiff material which withstands extreme temperatures and humidity. Usually, polypropylene films are used for speaker woofer cones; for extra stiffness and for a more precise bass response, polypropylene is mixed with material like mica. Synthetic coated with aluminum or titanium or woven fabrics are also excellent materials to provide a great response.

Tweeter: Watch out tweeter’s material for the type of sound you desire. If you are more on the refined and smooth sound’s side, then select tweeters which are made up of soft materials like silk, textile blends, etc. But if high, bright and snappy sounds define you then you should consider buying tweeters made up of hard materials like graphite, ceramics or metals.

Surround material: Subwoofer’s surround material is behind producing bolder bass as it let woofer cone move freely. Rubber surrounds are better than foam and cloth surrounds as they are durable, can withstand extreme temperatures and enhance overall sound production.

In light of the above specifications, select speakers which suit your music taste and requirements. Pay extra attention to the speakers’ material, their sensitivity, and power handling because right materials together with right sensitivity enhance the quality of the sound and provide you superior music experience.

Extra Tip:

Though this one is not related to speakers, it’s essential for excellent music experience; always play HD music on your car stereo because when you’ll have advance stereo system, it’ll bring forward all the limitations of low-quality mp3 files converted from youtube and you won’t enjoy your favorite music despite having a premium sound system.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.