Can Too Much Gaming Cause Health Problems?

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Video games are fun. They offer you a perfect distraction from normal life’s issues and monotonies. Even so, health issues are likely to arise when you become obsessed with the activity and if you spend too long engaging in gaming sessions without taking breaks and taking more of a “moderation” style of approach. Take note of some of the risks and potential health problems so that you can make the necessary changes in time. This article offers you the details.

A Minority of People Are Affected

Remarkably, a majority of gamers do not develop health complications. It is a proof that you can play in moderation and identify signs of addiction early enough. In many instances, the affected person has other underlying emotional and social issues. They compensate this by seeking for pleasure and reward from gaming. Over time, they may develop the various health complications. If for some reason you become a victim, you will suffer from:

  • Spine Complications

Spending a lot of time in one position will have multiple spine problems. It is particularly true when you do not invest in good gaming chairs from This leads to poor posture or postural dysfunction. In these instances, the gamer takes a sitting position that causes extra stress on the spine’s joints and muscles. It leads to several health complications. To start with, you will have chronic neck and back pain. The lungs do not function properly because the diaphragm and rib cage cannot expand as usual.  You will have lower amounts of oxygen flow in the body.

The muscle strains can also affect your heart’s function because of constrained blood flow after hunching over extended periods. Headaches and migraines may also become a part of you since the blood flow processes are impacted negatively. If you develop a permanent slouching position, your confidence levels will be lower. People who walk straight seem young and attractive.

  • Stress, Depression, and Low Self-Esteem

It is undeniable that competitive gaming creates a sense of excitement for players. Specifically, being able to achieve goals such as the highest score in a given time is exciting. A sense of failure is inevitable when targets are unachieved. While some people may get a sense of normalcy when away from gaming, others will be overly stressed over the issue. In fact, it may be a driving factor to spend more time trying to master the skills. Self-esteem issues will rise when the person is unable to play the game as they had planned. The inability to control the amount of time spent in gaming or the outcomes will lead to depression.

  • Increased Rates of Obesity

Video games require you to spend a lot of time playing. Your chances of going to the park for jogging or walking become limited if you get addicted. If this is coupled with the intake of cholesterol-laden foods, it leads to weight gain and obesity. Regrettably, obesity is a risk factor for other conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. It also affects your self-esteem since people who struggle with weight issues are likely to be ridiculed in social circles. More so, they are unable to handle various tasks including lifting heavy weight, taking steps in a building, and jogging.

  • Vision Issues

Staring at a screen for long hours can lead to eye strains. Normally, you are expected to blink at least 15 times every minute to spread tears evenly. It will in turn help you to avoid irritability and dryness. Even so, medical practitioners indicate that you are likely to blink less when you are watching something or playing video games. It leads to eye strains. The issue is made worse by the uncomfortable levels of brightness and flickering of lights. If you are playing the game using your mobile phone, you will have more issues as opposed to a person who places a computer at an arm’s length. Still, the lighting in the faming room may lead to the complications. Gamers who love to play in dark rooms may have high costs to pay.  VR can cause vision issues as well and as VR becomes more commonplace you can get migraines, dizziness and even more disorders besides vision problems from too much VR gaming without breaks.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition is caused by pressure on the median nerve. It runs the arm’s length and goes through a carpal tunnel, which is a passage on your wrist. The major function of the nerve is to control the movement of your fingers. Repetitive motions such as typing on a computer or holding a mouse will lead to the condition. The symptoms of the condition include tingling, itching, burning, and numbness of hands. In severe cases, it may be daunting to have a firm grip since the muscles will shrink. You will also experience extreme pain.

  • Insomnia

Your sleeping patterns will be interrupted if you spend a lot of time gaming. The high levels of excitement and anxiety may affect your ability to get quality sleep on a regular basis. As the problem becomes advanced, you suffer from insomnia. It can be chronic, acute or onset insomnia depending on the intensity of gaming. You are at risk of developing other medical conditions including stroke, seizures, obesity, weakened immune system, asthma attacks and heart disease among other conditions. It can also lead to mental issues such as confusion and anxiety. Still, it affects your school performance, memory, and sex drive. Your life expectancy is shortened in the long-run.

  • Seizures

In rare cases, playing games can lead to seizures. It is associated with the visual stimuli in games including flashing lights and regular moving objects.

On A Positive Note

Fortunately, gaming can lead to positive health outcomes. A child playing some of the games is likely to sharpen their creating thinking and social skills. They may also know how to make quick decisions. Adults have a chance to relax, laugh, and socialize. These elements eliminate stress and tension that lead to health complications. In this light, it can be argued that gaming is a double edged sword; it can either break or build your health status. You are left to determine when the activity is leading to physical and psychological complications. It is also important to acknowledge that some of the medical complications described about are not exclusively caused by gaming. A therapist and physician will help you through when you are unsure of your health status and the best treatment options.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.