What is Journey to the Savage Planet Game About?

James and Justin take on Journey to the Savage Planet which is a one or 2 player co-op game where you are assigned to study and then are stranded on an unknown world. Work to discover elements, scan creatures and upgrade your explorer while trying to fix your ship for your journey back. What is Journey to the Savage Planet Like? Well the game has a very No Man’s Sky feel to it with the look and scanning of creatures, but combine with the corporation type ownership of space of The Outer Worlds with the puzzle solving of Metroid: Prime Corruption and the humor and style of Borderlands 3. This isn’t a loot shooter, you will have to go back to the same area’s when you unlock new abilities so you can gain access to new secret area’s and this game is a blast to play in co-op mode.

This former live stream of Journey to the Savage Planet had some minor technical difficulties during the first half, and then we learned while streaming that the game causes a latency delay on Twitch and Streamlabs that causes the actual play to be 4 minutes behind the view time, this same issue persisted when attempt to stream to Mixer later on as the game does HOG GPU at near 100% constantly while trying to play and stream at the same time which causes a choke point for the game and Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio as both were tested when trying to stream Journey to the Savage Planet. But this video will give you a good feel for the game to see if you would like playing Journey to the Savage Planet.

Disclaimer: Thanks to 505 Games for providing us with keys to showcase this game to our fans and audience. This is not a review, but a showcase and we were provided 2 keys so we could show off this game.

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