Enter to Win a Blue Yeti Blackout Microphone

So Nate from our team uses the Blue Yeti Blackout mic when he streams and if you ever tuned into our DragonBloggers Twitch live stream you will hear how incredible it sounds, the clarity and depth quality is unparalleled and he proposed that we get one to do a giveaway for it.  So I proposed the idea to my favorite co-sponsors SaintMattyGruden and ThisBytesForYou and there were all in so we pooled our marketing dollars and funded this incredible prize for one lucky fan.  This is the coveted Blue Yeti Blackout USB microphone which is the pinnacle of USB mics for streamers and can be used whether you are a PC or Console streamer.  It features in-line headphone input so you can hear your own voice and has a mic gain dial and so many features and settings.

So if you want to just hear how awesome this mic sounds just listen to Nate doing a funny string of clips and phoney ASMR with chewing, paper ripping and more showing off the mic’s sensitivity.  Fair warning, if you have misophonia you do not want to listen to this clip, I have had someone say it causes extreme emotional reaction and negativity when hearing some of these sounds.

Thanks to my awesome co-sponsors you can now enter to win a Blue Yeti Blackout Studio Mic!


Blue Yeti Blackout USB Microphone Giveaway

Can’t wait, pick up the Blue Yeti Blackout on Amazon Now!

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